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Hi everyone!
Hi everyone,

I’m a 38-year-old woman from Europe. I’ve been struggling with loneliness for quite a while and it seems to get harder year after year. Maybe I’ll find some new ideas on here that I haven’t tried, or maybe I can offer some.

About me, my life is pretty ordinary. I like reading, cooking, music and, right now, everything about fall that is warm and cozy. I work full time. I’ve been single for well over a decade. I have two awesome teenage daughters who can occasionally be talked into spending some time with their uncool old mum, but apart from that I’ve become pretty used to doing things on my own again. I feel like it should be getting easier at some point, but well.

I’m curious to look around here for a bit and maybe get to know some of you!
Hello, cozy and welcome to the forum. I am pretty new here myself.

Sucks that you are feeling lonely, i am all too familiar how draining it can be.

How is your day going? Having a nice one?
Hello Sunless Sky. It's nice, slow Sunday over here. How is yours? I just read through your post. Sorry to hear about your depression. Have you found things that work for you yet?
i mostly just try to stay busy enough that i don't think about it too much. I study as well as do volunteer work to keep occupied.

Although sometimes it comes back full force during downtime, which can affect my work quite significantly.

I dunno, i guess i just try to ignore it.

My sunday is going ok enough, had trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Now i am sitting with my laptop, trying to get some work done.

Thanks for reading my post btw Big Grin
Welcome to ALL, Cozy. Nice name. Smile
Welcome 🌸
Hope you’ll have a good time here. 🥰
[Image: tenor.gif]
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

Heh, I'm working from home right now as well, @Sunless Sky. Keeps the Sunday Sads at bay, so win-win.
welcome cozy  Smile
must be me right?  Cool

[Image: welcome11.gif]
Loneliness is so hard to deal with.
Welcome cozy ! 
Big Grin

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