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Account deleted...
(Yesterday, 01:54 AM)Diagnosed Wrote: So, are you entitled to limit, dimish, label (edit/modify), ban,  etc.

That's restricted free will!

It I had you in front of me, I wouldn't not permit you talked that way.

First, "wouldn't not" means you would.  Double negative and all that.  (little English lesson, not bashing you)

Second, you wouldn't have to permit him to talk that way to you, you could walk away.  Free will is a funny thing, really.  You are saying that the mods' free will is impeding your free will.  By the way you are talking, you think your free will trumps their free will.  The forum's free will and everyone on the forum's free will.  So why, exactly, is YOUR free will greater than everyone else's? 

Regardless of free will, there are rules and laws everywhere. As Sci said, you are free to break those rules and laws, but there are consequences for breaking those rules and laws.  Those rules and laws are there to make sure that everyone is safe and protected. You can use words like "restricted" and "limited" all you want, but it's still free will, whether you want to believe it or not.
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You talked about a Club? Like this  Club

Ha! Ha!

You can edit, I can't (the more i tried)

But I wonder who you talked to/about to be under your club (attached pic) 👇

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I'll be all I want to be!

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