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Hi everybody,

I received a ban from this forum for spam for posting a link to my book about dealing with loneliness in some categories that I thought were relevant.

Is there any category in this forum where I can share a link to my book without it being considered spam so that people know there is a resource out there that can help them?

Thank you,
I think that if people are looking for books to help them, then they go on google or in a bookstore and search for it. ❤️
You planning on staying and chatting? 
Welcome in that case 🌸
[Image: tenor.gif]
You are not allowed to post links to sell anything for monetary gain on this forum, especially things that specifically target members. You also created EIGHT threads with the sole purpose to specifically sell your book, that is spamming the forum. I had a feeling that this new account was you, you obviously used a different source to register here than you last account or it would never have been approved. If all you are here to do is to try and sell your book then this is not the forum for you.
Hi Sci-fi!

I understand your point and I apologise for creating several threads.

Since they were in different categories I didn't think it would be considered spam, but point taken.

Indeed I used a different source because the ban seemed unfair and I was trying to understand what is the harm in me promoting a book that can help members of this community especially since I saw you had a section for articles and such. Of course, there is a monetary side but it is minimal. Nevertheless I will not post any other links to my book nor mention it in any way.

If you want to ban this one too you are free to do so, if not I will try and contribute to the existing threads with my 2 cents.

Have a good day!

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