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Do you use online dating and chat applications to kill some time ?
I discovered an application called Lamour in google playstore few days ago

It feels like an old yahoo messenger , lol

3 dollars for a 1 month chat enabled subscription

I hope i can find some friends from it

I used to use OkCupid which was great until some absolute wanker got my account deleted. It seems dating site staff don't check to see if reported members have actually done the thing they got reported for so I just kinda got banned even though I didn't do anything. I honestly hope whoever got me banned has terrible luck in their next romantic endeavour. OkCupid is the only one that really made sense to me but the profiles are an arseache to make again because of all the questions so I'm not even gonna bother. -_-
I have tried many applications before in the hopes of making new friends online , but most of them have lots of restrictions and are very expensive to use .

This one looked nice , It has lots of members , all of the them very active .

I might try OkCupid soon just to see what it offers .
I don´t used them unless I checked how faked they are. A week ago, I checked badoo and it´s false as those I checked before. Believed or not, Twitter might serve from the same "need" at not cost like any site devote to "pen pals".
I'll be all I want to be!
Have tried many. Many, many, many, including ones already mentioned here like OkCupid. None of them have been any good. When someone does respond, they are always just scammers spinning the same old lines .. often word for word .. or they are just trying to promote their Instagram, Snapchat, or webcam site. All after money anyway.
I've tried many dating apps, which have mostly just been a waste of time. It all feels so fake, forced and repetitive. But then again, you never know, you might get lucky. Some people do. Just like in real life, I suppose.

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