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So damn ugly
Awww Cucuboth.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=7298734] Shy
[Image: tenor.gif]
Yes, that sucks! I look weird too. I think I have fragile x syndrome because of my facial features and stuff. I have to agree somewhat with M_also_lonely about what women want. And add to that, women want someone who cares strongly about improving the world, helping people/children/animals, or making a positive difference and doesn't get too stuck on surface things. It's hard though. I definitely like to think of myself as making a positive difference but sometimes thinking about my looks sends me into medium depression for a day or two.

Edit*: I'm not saying you're getting stuck on surface things. Your reaction sounds kind of like how I react to pictures of myself.
At least people talk with you. I can’t even get that?
It’s possible you’re giving out an unconscious signal of not wanting others to look at you which they interpret as ‘Don’t talk to me’.

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