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Problems with School and Acheiving Beyond Stuff
Okay, so I have a problem when I feel like I want to achieve something but for some reason I just didn’t feel like it, because I’m scared if it takes my whole day away and miss something now can I have this FOMO problem. It usually happens in school days like these what I felt like taking a break from all the school work but then instead goof off and waste my time checking sites to see what have I missed, which doesn’t help with my professional skills. And even if I have the motivation to create something I didn’t do for the first time, the results would look amateurish. To make matters worse, I keep fearing about how I don’t have much time required to finish a task.

Sometimes I feel like my professional skills doesn’t match up with the professionals’ works I’ve seen (not the YTP kind) , and they looked like it took days and weeks to make something while I’m just lying in bed wasting a fortune on my powerful laptop by doing nothing except check websites. I really wanted to make something like that, but I keep pulling myself away fearing about how it’s “hard work”. Mark Manson's attention diet blog was right about this predicament. I’m living in a “futuristic and technological” world where almost everyone is scared of having their own stress through making their work, and their attention spans can’t keep up with the motivation.

Unrelated, but I keep stressing over classwork and homework because I wanted to avoid any stress from school. I feel like I wanted to escape from reality to relax so I won't have to deal with this. I can't achieve to change my parents and my teachers' mind. I couldn't agree most of the truths from my parents because I was getting sick of their voices and I wanted somebody else to tell me about it. Also, it makes me feel queasy about thinking striving for finishing a short task because I thought that feel exaggerated like some of the cartoons that had predictable plots and writing that had a similar main idea like that, which I wouldn't try to imitate.

My grammar and writing is being rush-y right now, so I can't explain further or clearer rn.
Don't compare yourself to others, just do the best job that you can.

I've felt that way too, a short of feeling of inadequacy. But you're in school for one, you're still learning. It's going to take time to build your skills up to a "professional" level. And two, you need a certain amount of confidence in yourself, and it helps if you don't cut yourself down by wishing that you were as good as some one in the internet who may have been doing this for years.

As far as the time wasting... I think that's normal when you're a kid. Work on some self discipline. If you find something that works share it because I still have problems with that myself and I'll be forty next year.
your vocabularies and grammars are good compare to mine.
must be me right?  Cool

I agree with kaetic. 
Work on your self disiplin. 
Set goal for yourself and stick to it. 
Don't let this evolve into something that's too big for you to handle. Start small and work your way up from there.
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