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Paranoia is taking over
about 4 years ago, I did something inappropriate in a bathroom at my old job. And though I scanned the whole entire bathroom to make sure there was no camera, but now I'm thinking there was probably cameras in the vents in the ceiling. 

There was two guys that worked in the security, and I feel like maybe one of them had hidden cameras in the bathroom. 

I feel like the video will get out and ruin my whole life.
i have been caught by cctv for doing silly things, crazy awkward, shameless things and i don't care if it came out or people will do anything about it, you should too, be don't care.
must be me right?  Cool

LOL   Never jerk off in public bathrooms or maybe u had sex with someone. idk but whatever happened i doubt there were cameras.  It's against the law. I wouldn't worry about it.What makes u think there were any cameras?
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