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Does ESP exist?
I've been learning a lot about Parapsychology over the last half year or so and  I'm fairly certain that ESP does exist. I've been reading over the paper linked below (a refutation to Richard Wiseman's criticism of parapsychology and the Ganzfeld experiments in particular) a reasonable amount today and there is a lot to unpack. One important point this paper makes is that while the skeptics love to cherry pick the Milton-Wiseman meta-analysis of the Auto-Ganzfeld because of it's null result. Aside from some of the problems that exist with this meta-analysis, Skeptics also seem to overlook the fact that the database that it was published in maintains a 25% replication rate overall which is highly significant given that a null replication result should be at 5%. Furthermore, the replication rate for the Ganzfeld experiments as a whole is at 30% so contrary to the claim commonly made by Skeptics that replication of the Ganzfeld has been too inconsistent to be taken seriously, it has actually replicated at a rate totally consistent with that of other sciences. This is really very impressive when, as the paper notes, parapsychology has received less funding in it's over a 120 year history than mainstream psychology does in 2 months. There is plenty more food for thought in the paper and I recommend giving it a good read if you're interested:

PS: I apologize in advance if this post doesn't make much sense to people who aren't familiar about the debate between Parapsychologists and Skeptics over whether ESP exists or not. I don't really have time to unpack the whole debate so I'm not going to give a whole lot of context here. If you want to learn more about the subject, then Psi-Encyclopedia's article on the history of the Ganzfeld experiments is a good place to start:

I know it's also possible I'll attract some heat from Skeptics over this post but I guess that is what the Up For Debate section of the forum is for.
There is so much about ourselves, this world, the universe, etc that we don't know or understand yet. So yeah, I would say that nearly anything is possible. I do believe in ESP though. I don't follow the scientific aspect of it all and I don't research it.

Intuition is a form of ESP, that gut feeling you get when you just "know" something is wrong. What else could explain it? I suppose some could say anxiety, but that doesn't really make sense when that something is something you couldn't have known about.

Anyway, I think we've probably all experienced some type of ESP, but just rationalized it to something more "logical."
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