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Despite my efforts to, I can’t see anything positive in women
The fact that I’ll get some women here ridiculing me, and calling me sexist/misogynist for saying this just reinforces in my mind how utterly backwards the narrative is in most people’s heads in today’s culture. 

If ever there is pain inflicted upon men by women, men have to endure that pain in silence, because we aren’t the protected class that women are. We can’t have a problem with anything women do, or else we quickly get the finger wagged in our face, and told “don’t you dare say anything about women!” 

Isn’t it funny how 99% of people in the mainstream, when addressing the incel phenomenon, always rush to say “women aren’t the problem”. The problem is “these misogynistic men and their ‘entitlement’ to sex/women”, or the problem is “shy men”, or the problem is “outdated societal standards of masculinity causing these men to feel less like men for not having sex.” etc...etc...etc... 

Moral of the story - women get off the hook scott free every time, in exactly the same way that racial minorities, LGBT+++ people, and every other protected class in society does.

Women aren’t the problem you say? Not even part of the problem? They play no role whatsoever? Really?? 

Fascinating how this category of human being, by virtue of the private part they have, manages to go through life not being culpable for anything or contributing to any issues in society.

But on the flipside, if women face  issues, society doesn’t hesitate to say that those issues are due to a “misogynistic society”, or “men holding them back”, or “systemic bias against women” etc...etc...etc... None of which even comes close to being true in today’s world. It’s so pathetically off the mark it almost incites panicky laughter. We are now very much in the age where it is to one’s utmost benefit to be female, non-white-skinned, or some other protected class. If ever there was a time when white men benefitted from the system in disproportional ways, I promise you, those days have ended. 

We men, particularly white men, are utterly on our own. We don’t have the backing of the mainstream. There are no affirmative action programs for us. No quotas for hiring us. We don’t have our own student unions. We don’t have our own congressional caucuses. The politicians don’t discuss our issues or interests in their phony debates. We cannot diffuse our responsibilities by flashing a victim card. We bear the brunt of our issues, and if we have issues, society doesn’t come to our defense. Nope, we just get lumped into a category of losers, and given a title that is meant to degrade and demoralize, like “incel”. “Hahaha, lets all poke fun at the incels!!!” “Let’s incel-shame these misogynistic men!!! Hahaha!!!”

This is why I cannot find redeeming qualities when I look at women. Women don’t seem to have consciences. They don’t seem to really possess concern for men. They just seem walk right on through their day basking in the special status society has lifted them to. I never look at a women in my daily life and gather from her behavior that she really cares about men, or holds any interests other than her own selfish ones. I just don’t see that in their eyes. If anything, I’ve always gotten the impression that women bask and find a form of satisfaction in the destruction of men. The fostering of female hypergamy in our society is MOST CERTAINLY to blame for a great deal of the plights of men today. But women themselves are a sacred cow that cannot be criticized. They cannot be said to play any role in the issues men face.

So to the world, I say, you win! What am I supposed to do when society strategically, concertedly, and purposely targets your demographic to be esoterically demoralized, and then makes it de facto illegal for you to say anything about it? This is what esoteric demoralization is all about. It’s everywhere, yet nowhere. It is so sneakily and craftily done that nobody really sees it except those who are on the receiving end of it, and even most of those people don’t even manage to realize what is being done to them.
I think you have valid points. ❤️
However. Not all women are bitches 24/7. There are girls out there that understands where those guys come from and your pain.
In my mind, allowing a woman to walk all over you is just crazy ass shit. The same goes for the other way around too.  
My point was, not every woman likes to crush men's self-esteem. There are nice ones out there too. 😊
[Image: tenor.gif]
hmm.. maybe you should travel or move outside country.
must be me right?  Cool

Nope. If people want to continue the discussion with the OP you can do it in PM's, but this kind of gender bashing/stereotyping/etc is not allowed publicly on the forum.

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