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Cutting Your Losses
Okay so I am super curious to hear some opinions on this.

If your current or potential partner tells you (or has told you) that you should just cut your losses with them how would that make you feel and why? What might you say in response? How would this affect your relationship with that person?
That would depend on how long we've been together. And how committed I thought we might have been. If it was a long term this would be devastating. If it was a very short or new relationship I'd be disappointed but likely would have seen it coming.
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It would probably kill me lol, but I guess I would have to get over it somehow.
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I think most people would be hurt, angry, betrayed, etc. First I would ask why. Then I would react accordingly. Usually if someone says they think you should "cut your losses," that either means they are depressed and feel worthless or they were just using you and they are done with you. If it's the former, I would tell them to suck it up, I'm not going anywhere. If it's the second, I would tell them to go ahead and let the door hit them in the ass on their way out.
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They want to break up without feeling like the bad guy? So be it. I wouldn't want continue with someone who plays the victim/injured party so they don't have to own their own decisions. It's possible it's coming from a person with very low self-esteem, but really it doesn't seem like there's much of a future there if they're saying that to you.
More depressed and suicidal.
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that he's not have anything to offer to you, he knows your investment in time is a loss.
must be me right?  Cool

I think it could be a sign of low self-esteem so ask more in depth about it.
I would ask him if he is dedicated to being with you and working on keeping your relationship good.
Or maybe what he told you is a get out of jail free card.

Talking to that person would hopefully clear it.
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