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I've noticed more recently that my depression has been manifesting greatly into anger because I just can't seem to find the right outlet and I'm lost on where to begin to fix things about my life. I find myself not being able to shake being in that low point gradually throughout the day and sometimes it pours over into the next day no matter what I do because I end up getting myself so worked up and so frustrated about everything and I don't really know how to describe it other than that. 

Anyone ever feel some sort of way like this? What has helped you? It would be so great to get some input.

Yep, would sometimes last for days, weeks, really crappy way to feel. What helped was all the past customer service and management training I've had and learning how to deal with difficult situations. Eventually I got to the point where I was so sick of being angry that I had to sit down and evaluate the situation, figure out why I was so mad and what was really bothering me. A lot of times it was things that were out of my control, and weren't really of my creation. It was because of other toxic people. Most things that had me angry or upset were things other people caused, and what I was taught in most training seminars I went to was that you can't control what other people do. You just can't, someone will either say or do something that is completely out of your control. The only thing you can control is your reaction to it and what you do about it. Most of the time you just have to walk away.

You have to ask yourself, did I cause what happened? Could I have changed the outcome of what happened? Can I do anything about what happened? What could I have done differently? Those tricks can also help if you are having trouble getting to sleep because you are so angry. You ask yourself, is there anything I can do about what happened right now? Most of the time the answer is no. So you either convince yourself that it'll have to wait until morning and put it out of your mind or you just keep stewing about it. If there are things you feel you have to get off your chest you write things down, get it all out and then put it away until you can deal with whatever it is.

I used to work for a guy who would piss me off to no end, well actually I've worked for a couple of guys like that, one was a real ass hat. The last one wasn't as bad but thankfully by that time I had some more training under my belt and went to a really great seminar where I learned the above mentioned tricks. It took me awhile to do them and get them to work. It's hard and you have to keep at it but eventually you can learn to control you anger, and get rid of whatever it is in your life that is making you so angry all the time. Clean house.

A lot of times now I just let it go, you can't control other people and you can't always control situations, you can only control yourself. Those who live to get under your skin aren't worth the time. They can live in their own shit, you just clean off your own shoes and leave them to roll around in their mess. Worry about yourself.
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I get overcome with emotions sometimes. 
If all things match, the right time and right feelings then i end up being a bitch. 
Latching on to something and acting like a spoiled child. 

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If you don't express your anger, it will keep adding up...
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(12-06-2019, 11:41 PM)M_also_lonely Wrote: If you don't express your anger, it will keep adding up...

Lol. Yes! That’s exactly what happens to me. 😂
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Maybe buy a boxing heavy bag, or go to a gym with one and let out your anger by firing off a load of strong punches! Worked for me when I needed to just expel the anger that was building inside of me!
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yea i'm angry sometimes it happen so rare, i don't like the impact i have done after i let that anger out.
is really not worth it.

when i'm angry i chose not to speak, i'd rather be left alone.
must be me right?  Cool

I spent a few years in the angry state. It coincided with the first time I came to the forum, actually. lol But, for me, it was actually more that I chose to be angry because I didn't want to feel the sadness and depression that was overwhelming me. I couldn't take it anymore and I didn't want to feel the devastingly raw emotions that were trying to flood in. So yeah, I just let myself be angry because it overrode the other emotions.
Though, I can say the longer I stayed in that state, the worse I got. It was like instead of choosing to be angry, the anger was controlling me. Eventually, it got to the point where I would get so angry and worked up, I'd have anxiety attacks and start to hyperventilate. And of course, that just made me even angrier, so I started punching things. (NOT living creatures) Mostly walls. After having to patch a few holes, I started in on the solid oak and steel doors. More damage to me, but I didn't care. The pain would release the anger. It was not healthy, please don't do that.

Eventually, I started to realize it wasn't healthy and it wasn't helping and I asked myself why I wanted to be angry and why I was turning into that person. But, that also meant having to confront the other emotions that I was terrified of. I started meditating and that helped a lot with the anger. A punching bag is an excellent idea. It allows you to get your frustrations out, without hurting yourself. Any type of exercise helps. Taking yourself out of whatever situation makes you sad/angry/whatever will help, like, go for a walk instead of sitting at home alone or something. Get yourself out there, do something, stay occupied, help others. Keep looking and trying things until you find something that takes those emotions away, whether it's the sadness or the anger.
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