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Avatar no show, Help!
Hi, I have tried three times to download an avatar and it does not appear to work. It is 65Kb jpg file.

You are trying to download an avatar?
Where are you trying to download it from?

Typically you can just right click on the avatar and select "Save image as" and it will download it. With IE the option is labelled "Save picture as".
Thanks for your reply but I have not explained it correctly. I tried to use a jpg file from my computer as my avatar. The file name appears as though it has downloaded but when I go back to my control panel some time later to check, it has disappeared!

Is it the correct dimensions?

The maximum dimensions for avatars are: 205x250 pixels.
The maximum file size for avatars is 65 KB.
Okay, so it is a jpg file, no larger than 65kb that is on your drive.

You have uploaded it using the "Upload Avatar" option in the User CP.

After you have uploaded it, do you see the actual avatar graphic display (not the file name) in the user CP, before it disappears on you?
Ah, the file is 65Kb but it is 875 x 669 pixels. Oh well, I will just have to use another file. Thanks for your help.
For anyone else who has this issue:

There's a free image editor called GIMP for Windows, Linux and MacOS that makes it easy to adjust your file size and resolution. Just open the image, select all, go to image, scale image, and then choose the resolution you want. Then file, export as a JPEG and set the compression level around 80. That should make it small enough.  Big Grin

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