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This is probably the wrong place for this
Hello people!

A brief summary. Been out of a relationship of 7 years for 3 months now and I feel the struggle towards normality has only just started.
Might have been easier if i didnt spend the majority of said relationship isolating myself from my pre-existing friends group in lou of spending my time with my now ex partner, but heyho the things we do to ourselves.
Just looking for people to talk to moving forward with my life, find new things to focus on that arnt nearly as emotionally damaging as still being in contact with my ex xD
Happy to have you here. 🤗
Sounds like you are in a rough spot.
I can relate to your issues. 🌸
So what’s up?
[Image: tenor.gif]
Just the old classic dealing with what could have been the love of my life moving on with hers while leaving me behind, I'm sure your familair with the drill.
Don't get me wrong I'm more than happy for her, it's just abit difficult finding the same happiness for myself.
The old staying intouch with ex good idea bad idea almost confirmed itself to be a bad idea but hey ho.
Like I said I think I might be I the wrong place here, don't get me wrong I think I qualify as lonely but I feel my main issue is that I'm suffering from no small amount of heartache.
I'm sure the answer will be at the bottom of this bottle of claret xD
And thank for the greeting. 👍
must be me right?  Cool

Hello friend,

I too have been in a similar situation with my previous relationship. Trust me, the best things to do for you and her is to cut contact entirely. I know it might feel worth it holding on for the companionship but your mind will always wonder:"What if she was the one?" "What if we can make it work" and other what ifs if you dont distance yourself from your ex in order to give yourself the time opportunity to start the healing process.

You will go through times where you will miss her (if you already dont) and feel really lonely at times. Get through them however you can and you will be stronger for it. Just do not fall in the trap of contacting her again as that will just open old wounds.

All the best my friend, i really hope you get through this.

PS: I would like to hear your story if you are inclined to share.

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