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pieces of my craft
Are these your farmhands 😉😄
It must be awesome to be around all these animals, and a lot of work.
it's family's farm, i'm a shepherd for cows and sheep on weekends is really fun peaceful i'm having fun playing in the farm, yes it is awesome to be around animals thanks kaetic.
must be me right?  Cool

Your embroidery work is so neat and pretty! ALL is so full of talented people.

Also thanks for sharing pics of that flooofy cat! And sweet dogo and horsey! Glad you get to spend time with the best kind of beings Smile
thanks for the kind words deniz  Shy
must be me right?  Cool

Cute pics! Kitty, dog, horse , even sheep. I wanna live on a farm! That would be nice! Embroidery is pretty too!
[Image: tenor.gif]
thanks!  Shy
yes i want to live in a farm too, build a house someday.
must be me right?  Cool


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