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I have two kids that I love.  My wife cheated on me last week.    My thoughts are all over place and I am getting more and more depressed.   No one has moved out and we have spoken about it.  I have no friends to talk to.. (life, work, kids) over the years have phased people out to where most people are just work friends.   I feel worthless and even though I have to keep going to work and helping the kids, it is getting harder and harder to move and get things done.  I feel like im losing this battle.  The one person, my wife, that I could talk to before is no longer an option.  I dont feel like I can come back from this.
so sorry bro,

may its getting better and better eventually, another new life, a good life ahead.
must be me right?  Cool

I feel your pain man. I was in two similar situations and i know how lonely it makes you feel and especially how draining the pain can be.

I am here if you want to talk about it, honestly.

Hang in there man.
Jej18, your situation's a tough one for sure, but it doesn't determine your self worth, and it needn't deprive you of a successful life.  We all face relationship disappointments and other challenges in life by circumstances beyond our control.  Some people let bad circumstances ruin their lives (like my own alcoholic brother); others overcome the challenges and become better and stronger for it.

So first, don't pass judgement too quickly on yourself.  And second, don't let the circumstances define who you are and what your values are.  It's how you react that will define who you are and what the future brings.

I won't pretend to have an easy solution for repairing a critical relationship and trust that's been broken.  That may or may not happen with time and effort.  Meanwhile though, you obviously need strength and encouragement for yourself.  Following is a video I think you should watch.  It's an excellent half hour sermon that you should find interesting, entertaining, and applicable.  And while it won't immediately solve your problem, it may help you through this tough time and steer you towards a good path for the future.
As others have said, hang in there. The kids love you and you love them, that's the main focus for now. I hope things with your wife can be resolved one way or another, either way it isn't the end of the universe even though it feels that way. You've kept on working to help keep the household afloat and it wasn't you who cheated, you're an honourable person and you deserve to keep your head held high.
Thank you all for your kind words. Sir Joseph, I will watch that video.

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