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Jack of all trades
This has been a problem for me all the time.

I see someone making a beautiful painting, I want to be a painter.
I see someone doing complex mathematics, I want to be able to do that.
I see someone flying a fighter jet, I want to fly one.
I see a lecture in physics, I want to study physics.
I see someone making a software, I want to learn that.

This sort of nature did have a benefit. 

I ended up learning:  CAD, coding, building basic circuits, digital painting, photo editing, karate, business, cooking, cricket, football, music making, and so many other things.
But not an expert at any of them.

But I just can't settle. And its not only about what career I should pursue, but it is my inability to make a decision and focus on that while forgetting the rest.

For example, I spend eight days trying to understand this paper in computer science, which is not even my educational background. And as soon as I finally get a bit of understanding and start writing my conclusions, I find a video about a great project in CAD. So I install that software and work on that. Then halfway, I find a new upload by one of my favorite digital artists and I want to try out that project. 

Its not some 5 things. It could be anything. But it is very easy for me to get distracted (not frustrated) and give up to do the next thing.


The negative impact that it has had on me is that I ended up missing out on a few important competitive exams because I was so involved in taking my small, tiny business further. Which I knew was going to fail. Now I can't apply for them until next year, and I also lost interest in my business once I studied about one of the studies in one of the leading Space Research Organizations of my country.
I know I can almost never get a job there, but now I am interested in that. 

But I know for sure that something else is going to distract me soon. 

I missed out on potentially great job opportunities when I should have taken them.
This were just few examples.
Back in the university, I couldn't decide where to go for lunch. Just lot of calculations going on. 
Can't decide which shirt I want if I am given two similar options. etc.
Smile   Toungue
i missed out my potentials a lot because of my narcs but is never too late for us all, i can do lot things so i decide i should focus on what i like the most, what do you like the most and beneficial? focus on that. take two or tree the maximum. just my two cents.
must be me right?  Cool

A friend of mine got a pilot's licence a few years ago. He got into it very keenly, then after a couple of lessons had some disappointments and felt he wasn't learning well or quickly enough. His instructor told him "When you start, you think you know everything, when you get into it you realise you know nothing, and once you're qualified you realise you'll never know everything."

This is a very good way to look at all kinds of things, feeling as though you don't know every last detail of a certain thing doesn't mean you aren't good enough. We are human and we have finite capabilities and life is one long lesson.

If you have a brain that's flexible enough to cover all those subjects you mention above, it's a pretty decent mind you've got there. It's often the case in the workplace and in written applications that the demonstration of interests and capabilities across a broad spectrum is a useful skill in itself. There are people who won't have understood one of those subjects as well as you've understood five.

Don't be disheartened.
You've obviously got a very inquisitive mind, which is a good thing - creativity is basically just the ability to combine two or more things together in a new way, so being able to draw upon such a wide range of topics is a real advantage.

It could just be you haven't found your thing yet - I basically fell into a job that I never would have ever seen myself doing, even two or three years ago, and I find it genuinely fascinating now. I get that it must be frustrating now but when you do find something to settle on this restless will put you in a great position.

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