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Happy Birthday ringwood
[Image: ALL-well-darn-its-missing.jpg]

Happy Birthday ringwood
Thanks Minus!! Good day - surprised by my sweetie and son with the new Lego Bookstore kit I’ve been wanting. Day off from work tomorrow, so brick building shall commence. Cheers!
What a delicious looking cake 😍
Happy birthday, Ringwood!🎈🎉🎈🎉
Happy birthday.
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[Image: IMG_4388.jpg]
Happy Birthday
I'm an Optimistic Pessimist. I'm absolutely POSITIVE that it's all going to go horribly wrong...

Marge: I'm not afraid
Grampa: Then you're not paying close enough attention
(from episode entitled 'Strong Arms of the Ma')
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Cheers! 😊
This one?

[Image: ALL-well-darn-its-missing.jpg]
(03-07-2020, 01:48 AM)Minus Wrote: This one?

[Image: ALL-well-darn-its-missing.jpg]

Yep, that's the one. I collect Lego, especially modular builds. . . and Harry Potter, I own all the Harry Potter sets. Smile This one is my crowning glory though - Big Ben. Over 2 feet tall! I installed a lighting kit in it as well, looks sharp when it's all lit up. 

[Image: uoLF44fnyDnchYsDXdWWAudPJWJ-W_PCbARRkQob...64-h752-no]
Sounds like quite the collection. I can't see Big Ben right now but would guess that it is along this line.

[Image: ALL-well-darn-its-missing.jpg]
Happy belated birthday, ringwood!

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