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How many people do you need to not feel lonely?
I quit working about 10 years ago right before my 40th B-day. No I didn't retire. I just got tired of just about everything. I focused on my projects and hobbies while staying clear of everybody. Over the years I've found that my brain needs to communicate with someone on a personal level that I can trust. I don't need two, three or four. I just need one. I find it interesting that I can't out think the need to interact with some one. On occasion when someone corners me and starts talking to me I can't shut up! Ha! Ha! I don't mean to drone on. I guess it's a side effect of not talking with anybody. Anyway, how many people do you guys need to be in contact with in order to not feel lonely?
Well, it looks like the other users only need themselves in order to not be lonely. You guys are lucky. I need more. So, I'll be looking for a different forum.
That is interesting because some time back i realized that it only needed to be one. I don't think that it is the ideal number but it is enough that my solitude doesn't feel forced.
It might take only one person for you to not feel lonely but, I think, it has to be the RIGHT one. Someone that you can talk to, be yourself with - someone you can trust and is around. I have people in my life but nobody that fills that role - hence me feeling alone. I have no actual idea of how many people I need. I've never NOT felt alone.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
I'm an Optimistic Pessimist. I'm absolutely POSITIVE that it's all going to go horribly wrong...

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Bit like asking how long is a piece of string, isn’t it?

Different for everyone. I’m around people at work and at gym, but, I still feel lonely there. I can go out and be around people and still feel lonely and isolated. Have been in crowds of 20000 people and more and still feel lonely.

For me, it’s not really the quantity, but the quality. If I just had friends, I would probably still feel lonely without that closer connection with someone. Some people find affection is important. I sure do. Just having someone to talk with doesn’t always make the loneliness any better.

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