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Emotional Intimacy
(04-20-2020, 03:01 PM)vauxhallastra Wrote:
(04-20-2020, 09:58 AM)Cucuboth Wrote: Sort of rural, coastal suburb yeah. Moving is not a financial option. Well, have money to move once, and that would be it, so, would need to be somewhere better than here, if it ended up being the same I would be stuck. Same goes for travel. 

Yep, have tried book groups. Around here they are all older senior citizens, and been around them enough to know there is no connection. And have done many, many classes over the years. And all classes are closed at the moment anyway. Have tried volunteering as well, and groups from, but around here that is all senior citz and mothers groups.

Well that's ok if there is no connection with senior citizens, because older people tend to have a lot of time so they will be happy to talk to you, and 'oh hey, you should meet my daughter/son'...................ya know? You can meet a ton of people that way, and do some good too, if the lady down the road needs help with her shopping, you can do that, and maybe you'll get to know her nurse, or something like that? 

How about work, do you meet anybody through work?

Ummm, did say there was no connection with older people. Have always been put with older people in groups, and that whole “you should meet my daughter/granddaughter” has never, ever happened. Same when I used to volunteer to visit people in nursing homes. Never met a nurse who wanted a conversation. I am tired of ending up around older people, and just want connections with someone around my own age for once. 

Nope. Work is not a friendly place. I only get spoken to if something goes wrong, and even then it will mostly be via text message or a post-it note. There is a lot of bullying there.

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