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Scandalous, abusive treatment by authorities
I've lived alone for twenty-five years, broken up briefly with engagements in 2004 and 2007. In 2011 there was trouble with a violent neighbour which the local authority and police here (UK) handled so badly that it escalated into serious misconduct, which sadly I can't challenge due to having no savings and the undermining of legal aid facilities in this country. I've written countless letters to both the guilty and to solicitors in the hope of assistance. This has worn me down massively, to the point that I do struggle with suicidal thoughts at times. I would love to just walk away, and I hear about people arriving (naively, I'd say now) in the UK with fifty quid in their pocket. I'd love to go to Ireland and had been near to leaving before the lockdown.

The way these authorities have behaved is disgraceful. If the worst came to the worst and this became a posthumous news story it would be a scandal and people would lose their jobs. I'd like to try and contact people who've lost hope of getting restitution to listen to how they manage with it. I have perspective about my situation - there must be victims of awful assaults and worse who are treated shabbily by the police. Their sense of injustice must at least for a time be crippling.

These people saw a man on his own with no money and they have been arrogant and complacent.

Against this backdrop I've also been treated abysmally by family and was also scammed by a woman I'd thought to be a friend, which if anything has hit me harder than the main issue with the authorities. Not that I'd been gullible exactly but over-tolerant, over-patient, and I really do have to alter the way I interact with people. A bit more anger when appropriate, unbottled, is going to be necessary to survive, without being dragged into the fashionable hard-nosed existence.

I've always been haunted by posts in some Google forums made by a man who is clearly very unwell who seems to have been through something like me. He has broken down quite profoundly, seemingly stuck in a loop of bitterness and anger. It may be that leaving as soon as the lock-down is over is all I have to help me avoid a similar fate. But whether I can survive a period of being homeless I don't know. I can't imagine it. People do. But some merely survive, are adrift for years.

Thanks for listening. If this rings any bells or anyone would like to comment, feel free.

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