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Thinking About Moving to NYC
I've lived in a small rural town in Kentucky my whole life. I'm not a country person. I've always loved going to bigger towns and the excitement of city life. I'm 24 years old, never been to college, and I've had 1 job my entire life. I'm a minimum wage stock worker at a local grocery store going on 6 years. My girlfriend works at a papa johns and we live comfortably in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with our cats. 

With all of that laid out, lately I've been fantasizing more than ever about moving to NYC. I'd love to find a mildly decent apartment in a mildly decent neighborhood just outside the city. Anyone here who lives in NYC or in other bigger cities; what's it like? Can someone live an okay life working minimum wage in a city like New York or am I way in over my head?
I'm not American but looking at how badly NYC is being hit by COVID 19 I'd suggest you might want to hold off for a while. Can't imagine it is a fun place to be.
If you want to pay triple the amount of money for a house that you can get around 120,000 for a nice 5 bedroom house. Pay over 4 dollars for a gallon of gas. Love to sit in the traffic no matter where you go.and On top of that eat the worst pizza in the world then yes New York is the place you want to be.

I have to go to the big Apple once a year for my business and I dread it each time. I try anyway to get out of it every year but none of my other associates can’t speak well to the trade shareholders.

I would invest in a better job in ky and build a solid foundation and get a nice home for a fraction of the cost. If anything take a mini vacation there and see for yourself how horrible New York is.

But whatever you do, don’t move to Tennessee. So much racism and bad attitudes there. Unless you wait a couple years to see the for sale sign at the Gibson guitar workshop lol.

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