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Mom's Miracle
I remember when Mom was so depressed that she prayed God to help her in any way He might choose, that if He would just show her a way she would take it. Nothing happened. 

So Mom got up and loaded the dishwasher, slowly, miserably. And then she saw there was no soap. All she had was liquid soap for sink washing. "So what," Mom thought. She put just the tiniest drop in the dishwasher, turned it on, sat in her rocker, and slept.

An odd sound woke her. She opened her eyes and saw the entire kitchen full of soap bubbles. The funny sound was bubbles crammed so tight into the machine that they had to fight their way out. 

Mom leapt into action - the Great Battle of the Bubbles - which of course, she won, but only after many hours of hard labour. She saved everything in the dishwasher, got rid of everything else from the dishwasher, cleared the kitchen of platoons of bubbles, and finally washed down the walls.

Mom collapsed back into her rocker. The kitchen was gorgeous, sparkling all over. She was thrilled. That was when Mom realized the wrong soap was God's answer to her prayer.
I guess this is a half full or half empty kind of thing. 🌸
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