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Just wanted to say hi
Hi everyone,

I came across this forum a few weeks ago and finally psyched myself up enough to actually join.

I guess I've been lonely for quite a while now. But I'm also an introvert and enjoy spending time on my own, so I never really paid too much attention to the notion of being lonely. With the whole corona virus situation now, my perspective has shifted a bit though. Not because of all the things that I can't do due to the lockdown measures, but because nothing has really changed for me. Even before this all started I didn't really go out much and I don't have family or friends close to where I live at the moment, so I (sporadically) keep in contact with them over phone and texts anyways.

So I guess signing up here might be a first step to fight this loneliness and hopefully make new and meaningful connections.
Welcome to the forums

I did have some plans to do some traveling, that fell apart because of this virus thing. That wasn't typical of me.

Now i am back to the same old thing. This virus has had very little impact on me due to my social isolation. I get puzzled when i see article telling people how to deal with the isolation from the lockdown, wondering what there is to deal with.
Maybe it is just kinda' reminding me that most people are more integrated into the world around them and i am just all out of step.
I concure. Its good that your looki g for ways,as we all do to combat feeling lonely and or even make new connections through voicing ur inner thoughts whether through humor or thoughtful perspective or what ever it takes to feel alive..
I feel you. I've dealt with quarantine pretty well but that's because I've been at home for so long that it didn't change my life at all.

Welcome btw!
"At a loss, I lost my cool" 
The Silence 
Manchester Orchestra 
Hello Ty496, you are welcome to the forum. I have been on the forum for about a year and have had some interesting and fruitful relationships. Am also an indoor person and enjoy my own company even though I love relating with other people too.  Even though we are all alone together, for me I get to see my church family on Zoom about twice a week. Church activities still goes on zoom so I kind of see them even though I don’t get to hug them. We have been organizing movie night with the ladies at church on Zoom with our popcorn. Do you have any social group that you get to interact with often? I know sometimes it can be lonely, but I try to keep myself busy though there is nothing much to do again after two months into this lockdown. You can send me a chat when online. Blessed weekend.
Welcome to the forum! I can definitely relate to pre-lockdown socail distancing. I don't live very close to most of my family so I send out texts and emails every now and then to keep up to date with things. Hope that you and everyone else browsing can find what they're looking for here Big Grin

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