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Anyone else bad with words?
I can usually express myself pretty well in writing but when it comes to verbal communication I'm like a four year old. I often mix up my words, stutter, and make everything worse. I couldn't talk my way out of a wet paper bag. For whatever reason it's not as bad when I'm on Skype or talking on the phone. But when I'm face to face with someone I just end up with my foot in my mouth. As a result I don't talk much. I wonder how many people who have met me briefly IRL think I'm an idiot.  Sad
I can fully appreciate where you are my friend, on the phone I'm great, online I'm pretty good, in the written word I'm pretty person, I can end up using the wrong words, stuttering or losing track of what I'm saying. It's something I've had to work on over the years, strangely it's a problem I have when chatting casually, almost as though my brain relaxes too much and makes mistakes.

It's a complex subject and there may be specialists you could see about it, but at the same time you're no idiot and I don't think it's helpful to worry about or examine it too much.
Opposite for me. I write crap online, though I score 100% on tests of verbal ability, spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. I speak much better than how I write online. Bad, hard-to-absorb writing has a lot to do with why I'm so unsuccessful posting online and making online friends.
I'm basically the same.
I still goof up on the phone though.

Sometimes I get nervous, and my skin gets itchy all over.
Then I have to start scratching myself like a madman.

At least I'm somewhat good at writing well.
Also, writing gives me more time to think about what I want to say.
Whereas in person, you have to respond immediately.

I don't know what to tell you, other than you're not alone.
Yes, have great difficulty expressing myself, an even recognising what i feel.
Yes, I can absolutely relate. I write for a living - words are my mainstay. In writing I'm inteliigent and articulate. Talk to me in person and I'm shy, nervous and socially awkward, especially with strangers. I stumble over my words, blush like mad and just come across as a complete tool. If I have anything really important to say, I much prefer to convey them in writing.
Ha! ha! I was tongue tied. Luckily my tongue was freed. Woohoo!!!! But I still stuttered as a child. There were so many words that I just couldn't pronunciate. Also, I had constant ear infections so I didn't start to speak until I was nearly four years old. Half my school day up until fifth grade was speech therapy. I was so lucky that was even an option. I'm sure that screwed with my social skills though. I was looked upon as a weird kid.

So, I learned to speak and argue slowly and clearly. Ha! ha! It's always in the back of my mind. I'll be talking and my mind goes blank when it gets to some word that I absolutely know and use on a regular basis. But, my mind just stops. I play it off as best I can. The problem is many times the word is something I should be very familiar with. So, it seems like I don't know what I'm talking about. Meetings are horrible for me. Job interviews are the worst. I absolutely dread the thought of ever having to do another one of those damn things. I can already feel all the judging that will be going on.

I have to laugh at myself thinking about all the physical abnormalities I have. I won't list them. But, I truely am lucky that I turned out as well as I did. Everybody's goal for me while growing up was to hopefully become somewhat normal. Higher education and a career wasn't even on the radar. Most wrote me off.

But, as bad as you think you have it. Many others have it worse.
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Oooooooh yes. I think lots of people can relate to this. My issue is, when I get really emotional, I start to cuss because I can't figure out the correct word lol.
(07-02-2020, 01:11 PM)Nicolelt Wrote: Oooooooh yes. I think lots of people can relate to this. My issue is, when I get really emotional, I start to cuss because I can't figure out the correct word lol.

[Image: db2e2fc6ccfdd0e56519a9f0a7af46e9.jpg]

Perhaps a game you'd be great at.
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