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Any Gamers?
I love gaming.  I've been gaming for 15 years now.  My current games are MMO's.  I like SWTOR and BDO.

Do you game?  What sort of gamer are you?  What are you playing?
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Getting back into gaming feels like an uphill battle for me. I enjoy RPGs (both western, JRPGs and MMOs) and I'm currently playing Dragon Quest XI and I'm enjoying it so far, I also play FFXIV on and off but I've kind of burnt out with it for the time being. I don't have the best reflexes so I'm not particularly good at FPS's at the sort, but I do enjoy them to an extent as well.
Been playing for years, since mid 2013, pretty much daily (except a year I was in Australia, and give or take a few weeks on top)
Also got PS4 I share with my brother, and I run a few bowser idle games to pass time.
French platypus!
Wish I could get into gaming but the technology came to late for me for I was already set in my ways but I respect it. Some of those special effects are just wonderful and I believe one has to be real smart to play the higher upper games--ones that you could win money with.. I remember I did do a type of game many years ago and it was farm or something--can not remember--but you had to add to your collections like cows and trees and land and chickens and goats and you would get presents or things from other friends who are part of your group. I was addicted for awhile but it was fun...Now i go into the computer stores and see all the different computers and the larger ones seem to be for gaming but to tell you the truth---they look like the best computers to me with the big screens but younger people like things smaller but it makes a difference when you want to see every detail...Talented people who invent all those things for people to enjoy. I am glad at least there are a few of you who are into video games and if you find time and could share one I would like that--none of those abbreviations because I do not know what they mean...Thanks...priscella
I tried SWTOR for a bit, I didn't like it. Most of the time I was trying to figure out where I was going. I played Star Trek online for awhile too, that wasn't too bad but it had crashing issues that made me quit. My main game which has been for nine and a half years now is DCUO, I started playing it shortly after it's release and play it nearly every day still. I did get in on the beta testing for a Transformers MMO which was actually pretty fun but sadly it didn't make it.
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Quit playing SWTOR, now working on Nioh 2 and Ghost of (T something). I'm always open to play with people. My ps4 gamertag is RoadieB. Feel free to add me anyone
Playing destiny 2 now !

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