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This is how a soul-mate relationship looks like ...

Gosh this 2 people are just stunning.

I watched every episode of them.

Just stunning.

This is how real relationship looks like.

This is how girl should treat a guy, and how guy should treat a girl.

Hope you have learned something.

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Ha! ha!
[Image: ?]
Yeah me too. Lol. 
Good they are happy though 💗

[Image: tenor.gif]
I don't know for you.
But every couple in my country is a running joke compared to how this 2 are connected. Big Grin
Couples in my country are running joke to this 2.
They are just stunning.
I couldn't watch more than a few minutes. Cringe factor was far too high!

Good for them though.
Pairs in my country compared to this are;

One of two comes from abusive family and brings tons of mental shit with it. XD
They make 2 kids.
They move together with one of parents.
Their sex life becomes boring and dead, so they sex 3 times a year. XD
Women are so boring that during sex they think about how paint a room. XD
They use credit card massively every day.
Their gosip friends are more important then relationship.
After some time relationship looks like open battlefield. XD

This are 99% of relationship in my country.

So compared to that, this 2 are just stunning.

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