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Lonely in the UK!
Thought I'd better introduce myself. I'm 32 years old, living in England. Was very close to my mother until she passed away in 2017 after a lengthy illness. I'm not great in social situations at the best of times and I've been feeling even more isolated since the coronavirus outbreak. I guess I'm here to meet and talk to like-minded individuals and if I make a friend or two in the process, that's a bonus. My passions include music, travel, literature, acquiring knowledge and drinking some fine ales and spirits.
Everyone's got a reply but me. Feeling kinda left out.
Eh up, Dan. Where in Yorkshire are you from? Smile
"At some point, we've all won that race - us vs at least 40,000,000 others... Seems a bit silly to give up now."
Hi there! Well I'm not from Yorkshire and my name isn't actually Dan. It's a reference to one of my favourite bands - Steely Dan!
I am sorry for your loss. I hope things are looking a little better these days.
Anyone who appreciates a fine ale or spirit is a potential friend in my book. What's your favorite beer style? I mainly gravitate towards belgians for the phenolic flavor and effervescence, but I've recently started brewing English bitters and have to say I'm hooked. Also have to say a dram or two of Caol Ila always seems to turn the most dismal of days into a semi-tolerable one.
Sorry. You mentioned ale so i thought id give it a wild swing. Im 36. Bradford. Liverpool originally. More of a rum fan. Can drink rum like water yet ale kills me after two pints. Stick to what my liver knows best.

What dya do for a living? Or better. Hobbies?
"At some point, we've all won that race - us vs at least 40,000,000 others... Seems a bit silly to give up now."
Thanks for the welcome guys! In terms of beer I tend to favour pale ales. I don't like anything TOO outrageously bitter or rich. I'm currently unemployed with pretty limited options right now because of the severely limited current job market over here.
Hi, I’m also 32 and lost my mother just before Christmas.

So sorry for your loss, I really sympathise. I’m guessing it doesn’t get much easier as time goes on then. It would be nice to chat, and to the other posters in this thread. I’ve been drinking a lot of everything. Wine, whiskey, gin, beer. Whatever.
I sent you a private message.

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