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Fucked Up Dreams
Anyone got any to share?

I have two recent awesome ones which are below. Now I want to hear yours!!! 

I noted this one upon waking up:

Dream 16/6 02:28; Memoires Of The Passed

Another fucked up dream... Feel free to not read lol

My dragonvoat friends and theater friends and many others beside who i didnt know did a massive epic marathon of plays.

So large was the cast, we didnt play to an au3iseince just ourselves and there were hundreds involved. We did the hobbit, lord of the rings, and even father ted but there were hundreds of other scripts too. Most talked quietly as ppl got up to do their bits. 100s of participants talking quietly with scripts in audience whle waiting for their part. This wasnt considered rude as we all knew the plays and each others parts but we werent too.loud either. Stage was set in a large fenced back garden. nicely lit though cuz of fairy lights and coloured lanterns but some ppl i didnt know were there and were completely in shadows even in light like silhouettes. It was 1st of november  cuz sophie asked me the time from a shed in the back. (Sound technician???) and as i looked it was two minutes past midnight 1st nov. Had a distinctly bizarre valhalla-comaderie feel lol. Was beer and smoking and everyone was really cool.

now it gets weird. get this, when people went on stage to act, you were just watching them act. But when it was your go up there, ecerything actually became real. me and some lass had our part, we got up and we were goinf along the spiky bit of of Yorkshire Three Peaks. She was a polish lass i actually did the walk with in real life. Wasnt a big scene. But then when we finished the scene, we were actors again in front of our actor audience with them clapping. We werent just doing plays anymore but as a collective sharing our experiences and memories cuz... erm... we were all dead! Everyone was revisiting their passed lives and moments with scripts and the ppl involved. This was why the audience were all actors and the ppl i didnt know in the audience, the silouettes, were ppl i didnt know from other ppls lives. When i woke spent like 30 seconds thinking if i was awake or in a scene.

what if we're all already dead, and we're just reading scripts in front of an equally dead audience... sounds like a sublte blend of 6th sense and glee!

Woke up too early though. Its now
02:53 so looks like i be up all night now.


Dream 2

Fuck Jon Crabtree.

The following is a bizarre dream I had last nught that you may read if you wish.

Just had a dream i got a job in an IT department thing (dream job? Shuddering slready) and was contracted to work for a college-y place. Met a girl i nicknamed Loom because of a very old computer game. I forget the precise details, but yes, even in my dreams I'm a rampant nerd. Had few parties and stuff. Life was good. She had lots of those colourful canned ale Sophie was drinkjng at Reggies t'other day. Honestly it was a dream.that seemed to go on forver and was so mundane, realistic, and long, that i started questioning my existance in the dream - i swear. Anywat, one minute... Loom and I go to her house to setup a network for her and our department to work in during lockdown lol We weren't in a rrlationship and hasnt kissed before but we go for a kiss (setting up a network is a monumental aphrodisiac, apparently) when a door slams. Its a big house. Only us there. Theres a chill. We go into hall. Door opens and and again. Not a forced one. It was the slam of a passing breeze. But everywheres shut? We go through the door. Its freezing. Light won't work but its now dusk (???!!!!) so can see a bit and the back door is wide open. It swings open and slams shut again. I close it. It opens. The key is in it. I turn it one way. Hear mechanism but the barrel inside is damaged and it wont lock and then I actually looked outside and saw these bodies quietly standing up having just dragged themselves out of graves and they started coming towards us. I slammed the door shut. SOMEHOW expected an axe to come through the glass of the door, and it pretty much did and got me in the stomach and I woke up and read a message about John fucking Crabtree - cheers!

Well, poor Loom. Hope they got wifi in heaven. If not, i got a heavenet cable wit yow name own!

I don't dream often. Tends to be when im sleep deprived but i liked that. Wish i got to stay longer with the dead. Ffs, could have hired them. Cost saving excercises.
"At some point, we've all won that race - us vs at least 40,000,000 others... Seems a bit silly to give up now."

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