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Forcing people to wear masks is so hypocritical.
See, that's the thing, it's not about the government. It's about common sense. If you social distance and wear a mask, there won't be that much exposure and less people will get it. That has nothing to do with anything and you don't even need a scientist or doctor to tell you that. It didn't need to get as far or as bad as it has. People made it political and decided "nah, fuck it, it's not real, it's not that bad. Whether it's "that" bad or not, just fucking wear a damn mask and stop having parties.
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^ Yep! Socially distance for real and the spread will drop like a rock. Hang out in groups and it'll spread like crazy.
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Welcome to the Socialistic States of America (SSA)
What upsets me most around debates concerning mask-wearing is that it almost always circles around individual preference. Few seem to think "wearing a mask is annoying to me but potentially beneficial to others." Every ounce of self-sacrifice seems to have been squeezed out of this country, the same country that rationed during WWII not all that long ago. What happened? Why do so many people put their personal preferences before the good of others? I personally don't enjoy wearing a mask in public, but if it has even a 5% chance of keeping someone, even someone I don't know, from getting sick and dying I'll do it. A pandemic is a time when a society really needs to come together, but we seem even more divided. A society that diverges on something like a mass disease that is killing people has a sickness somewhere within it. In the end, biology doesn't do politics. It won't listen to our votes or our gripes. If people refuse to follow even basic guidelines, something like Covid-19 could continue to mutate as it spreads and become even deadlier. We'll only have our own whining to blame if the death rate doubles.
^ Well, during WWII people trusted the government and the experts. Now experts are a dime a dozen and contradict each other all the time. So, who's correct? Who's being honest? What's the ulterior motive?

Also it's because mask wearing has been such a cluster F..k. People still believe they are doing their part my covering their mouth but not their nose. People remove their masks, touch their faces, and then touch other stuff. Then you have politicians who preach mask wearing, close down businesses, and then go to parties without wearing masks themselves. The Arizona governor did it and got caught and so did:

Gavin Newsom at Michelin star restaurant birthday party where he dined in a group of 12 without wearing a mask - despite telling Californians they can only celebrate Thanksgiving outside

Califronia governor went to a B-Day party at a fancy restaurant with 11 other people. None wore masks.
Two senior officials with the California Medical Association, which represents 50,000 doctors, also attended.

When initially questioned he said he was dining outside. But, then a picture of him with the others in the group surfaced showing that he was actually dining inside. 

He has been and still advising that dinner parties take place outdoors with fewer then six people to avoid a spike in COVID-19 cases. He has practically shut California down.

So, okay fine, politicians rarely do what they want all the "common folk" to do. But, he must actually believe that masks aren't helpful or needed. Otherwise he would be concerned about the other diners and himself. Plus two of the guests were senior officials with the California Medical Association. They didn't feel it was necessary to wear masks either. Really?

We all know that the government officials and politicians lie any chance they get in order to help themselves out. So, what the hell is the truth? The CDC has been flip flopping around on the subject until they got pressure from their funding source, the federal government.

Actual social isolation is 100% guaranteed not to transmit the virus. We all could have done that eight damn months ago and gotten the numbers down super low. Masks are only a small part of the virus transmission protection. That's why the CDC didn't put much effort into mask wearing until they got pressured to do so.

People aren't stupid. They see all the hyprocritical BS going on and aren't sure what the truth is. Most have done as instructed and we are back in the same place we were six months ago except many businesses and people are broke both spiritually and financially. So, they say F..k you to the government telling them what to do.

In WWII Japan was the enemy. Now, it's becoming our own government. If the politicians don't put the United States and it's citizens above themselves we are really going to be in a world of hurt.
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Welcome to the Socialistic States of America (SSA)
Hypocrites in Action:

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Welcome to the Socialistic States of America (SSA)

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