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What do YOU think would fix or at least help YOUR depression or other mental issues?
Therapists I have been too, and there has been a lot, tend to only go by whatever their textbooks tell them. There is no consideration for the individual. It really has felt like it is quantity of people treated, rather than the quality of treatment.

Sadly seems to be same on the internet. Most people will assume that if something worked for them and helped them, then it must help everyone else as well. Again, no consideration for the individual ... which honestly seems to be a dirty word these days.

So, what would help me? A friend. Pretty plain and simple as that really. Someone to talk with, and share things with. Someone to watch a show or a movie with. Someone to have a meal with. Affection and intimacy, or at the very least, feeling like there is the honest and genuine chance to experience and share them.

Like I said, seems pretty simple really. Yet has been shown that nobody wants to even try.

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