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Hello hello!
Hi, I'm Mads.
Good to see you.
I'm a friendly person, even if my exterior looks unfriendly. I love tattoos and coloring my hair and dark clothing.
I also like writing, art, movies and lore, video games, and talking at all hours while I grapple with my insomnia.
Please talk to me whenever. My PMs are always open.

Hello! You seem to like centered text too Big Grin
French platypus!
Should I avoid doing that? I do that on a couple different forums I'm on.
Not up to me to say, besides the option is here, so...

might as well use it Wink
French platypus!
Lovely, then! I suppose if it bothers anyone later on I'll change it. Also, hello! 
Welcome. The only real issue with centered text is it gets annoying sometimes. But hey, people can deal with it or not read your posts. Smile
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
[Image: 17vcow.jpg]
Hmm, that makes sense. Maybe I'll stick with aligned left for now. Especially since the quick reply doesn't have an alignment key.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Hope you find what you're looking for here.
Thank you! I have really bad social anxiety and I feel like I never really fit in, no matter where I am. Hoping this is a bit easier!
Take the blade away from me, I am a freak, I am afraid that
All the blood escaping me won't end the painAnd I'll be haunting all the lives that cared for me
Welcome to the forum

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