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Looking for a forum that was for lonely people and I am that as well as old. I reviewed one forum that was an old one for lonely people and I had the shock of my life and quickly got off of it...It was good years ago but I guess people took it over and rearranged the whole thing to pornography. Terrible. This forum seems well organized and nicely colored. But I am new with my first post just a first impression. I had three so called friends and I dropped all three. The first one because of politics, the second because of utter stupidity and the third because of no caring about me. I resent when I have to telephone people and no one ever calls me. This makes one feel really loved--( hummm,,,short laugh here)..Well anyway I will take this forum joining day by day and see what becomes of it and what responses it might bring into my postings.. Thanks...priscella..
Welcome Smile
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Welcome! I have a feeling you will be a nice addition to the site. I hope you give it a chance and stick with it for awhile.
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I'm not a fan of havving to make phone calls either :p
When I'm called, it's mostly people trying to sell me stuff :B
French platypus!
I have been on forums with the best of them. The last time was about 15 years ago and things and situations were very different at that time. So I am just taking it day by day seeing how all this goes and so far so good. Thanks for the encouragement for I needed this at this time..I am not very computer literate like a lot of people on this forum so I figure they are a younger generation than me for I am 75 at this time so I will see if my interest continues but it is fun for now especially reading all the different responses and personalities of the people.. Thanks priscella...
(07-28-2020, 12:35 AM)priscella Wrote: but it is fun for now

Just keep that in mind and don't allow yourself to get sucked into some of the more argumentative posts. Well, unless you have fun doing that. Ha! ha!
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Yea FrenchT but my main issue is I call them to check up on them but they rarely call me to see how I am and I am just tired of trying to be their friend when I consider myself the best friend in the world especially when I faced a major difficulty like a broken shoulder and elbow and where was my support system for it was seriously lacking especially when I got depressed thinking about how things were going down...So I just said good bye and their response was "Good Luck", as I sit there with a full cast on my dominant arm because of the elbow break and they could care less because they have their support systems and they know that "I have none"...This was sad for me but now I feel free and not so much of a hypocrite on how I talk to them not to hurt their so called feelings, for I have feelings too. I can think of two initials here for how I feel---ft..Thanks for the response...priscella...

Yea Finished I can get on with the best of lol  priscella...
Yeah, society has changed from, how can I help you, to ,what are you going to give me NOW. Everybody is a victim too. We keep saving everybody from themselves. Now it's expected. I blame the politicians for that as society basically mimics their leaders via their actions and policies.

Welcome to the Socialistic States of America.
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I am new on this forum and not getting into that but I tell you I could out talk you on that subject--lol lol..Thanks priscella..
Hi and welcome to the forum Smilec
I do not need light at the end of the tunnel.  I will light it myself.

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