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These fodmap foods seem to be working with my system and I seem a lot happier. My goal is to eat foods that digest easy in my small intestine and by the time it moves downward most of it is digested already..I bought some non gluten rigatoni and added some canned whole tomatoes after I strained out all the juice. Then I cut them up and added small pieces of cooked round steak and that's my meal for this day. I sprinkle some feta cheese on top--a little and have a small dish of romaine lettuce with olives for a side dish.. I read somewhere that if you have a good digestive system you will have a long life. I need to control myself so that I do not over eat for this would be defeating the purpose of trying to keep the lower digestion free of hard to digest foods so that it happily keeps moving everything out to the world beyond--lol I did not have breakfast for I was not hungry but I sure did have my coffee--black...These gluten free noodles cook up the first time pretty good but after that if you could them they tend to toward to mush balls to where I cannot tell the cheese from the noodles.. As you see I am not a cook--lol lol

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