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Hello, I'm Michael (not my real name). I'm a 27 year old male from Australia. Not really sure what else to add. I've been a NEET since graduating high school for several different reasons, starting a course in September that should make it possible for me to get a job doing ward orderly and assistant in nursing type stuff (Cert III in health services assistance for anyone here familiar with how things are done in Australia). Depending on how things go I might look at further study and do a degree in something health related. My main interests revolve around playing computer games (I don't do that as much as I used to, despite having lots of spare time), watching anime (same as video games) and gradually trying to learn Spanish.
Welcome Smile
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Welcome! Health care is a great industry to get into. You should always have work.
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Hi Not-Michael Big Grin
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Hi I'm new here too.  What brings you here?  Yes health care can be a challenge.  I was a nurses aid myself for two years, and also a health professional in the Navy.  I'm a big fan of Spanish also....been studying for over half my life.

If you want to talk let me know.  

Hi and welcome to the forum Smile
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