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A Thread like no other.
The MyBB at the bottom is not associated with this site, that's just the software that is used for this forum. That is MyBB Group copyright date and will usually always be the current year. You'll never see a copyright date past a current year because dates are added when revision are made to copyrighted work.
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Well thank you and that kind of makes sense and that's good I think...Glad you made a few posts that's nice...priscella
I like and appreciate this forum. I also like the MODS mostly hands off approach. It makes me want to be more respectful of the rules. Just saying....
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That is one way to look at it.  If I were a young one I would maybe go into software design creating designs to where it keeps up with the culture. But my problem is I know very little about computers and how the pages work for I know that's a whole new language and it takes many many years to get good at in order to make some money for survival. Young people now a days have a whole new wonderful world out there to explore and figure out their paths. Why its just fun to think about on how to accomplish their lives. Forums are dead but they do not have to be if people would get together and just think about how to improve this type of communication. I think it could be a real winner but there are real flaws right now in the different forums that are presented to the public but people just want to carry on like the old way hoping they can just continue without improvement---how sad. I was on a wonderful forum one time from Canada and the person who owned it took real pride in it and it was beautiful but it still had major flaws eventually what shut it down was he got tired and bored with it and wanted to go on to different things in life..This I think is usually how they end...
(08-06-2020, 12:57 AM)priscella Wrote: Forums are dead but they do not have to be if people would get together and just think about how to improve this type of communication. I think it could be a real winner but there are real flaws right now in the different forums that are presented to the public

Um, no.  People today want more instantaneous conversation, which just isn't provided on forums.  You have to wait for answers and people don't want to do that anymore.  People prefer social media and chat rooms because of those reasons and because they decide what they can and can't do without having to be moderated so much and because you get more instant answers. 
Everything has flaws, that doesn't mean that hasn't been improvement or that there won't be more improvement.  You have all these claims, but yet no real answers and you admit you know nothing about this stuff.  What exactly would you like to see happen?
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I think the number one thing would be privacy because people do not trust anymore like they did years ago. I think there should be different designs to the pages and software people could get together as a group and decide which way would be the more efficient to handle the type of forum it would be.. I think you should enter a post and unless it is continued it will automatically erase in some time period that people decide on. I think there should be different rooms for people to decide on and which one to join then have competition with each room with different projects to do.. There is lots of things that I would suggest but it would have to be up to the software people because they know what is possible and like I said before if I was young I would go into the software design phrase and other fields that it involves such adventures in the future. My generation did not have the choices that are out there today and how very exciting it is once you have a project to work on and finish. Kind of like space rockets look how excited those people are as they have that kind of "awe inspiring success". There are so many smaller things that could go into forum building like special effects with holidays and colors and sounds and birthday notices and the like with the forum having a watchful eye like a robot that checks everything after rules are put down..But the important thing would be privacy and erase of the unused threads and postings because if people wanted the information off of them they could print them before they erase.. I also would have the different rooms donate to good causes that they decide on and as a whole declare it on taxes at the end of the year. There would be some sort of membership fee's when the person joins not a lot but a fee to try to have it private, protected with added security not to benefit the owners but the peoples peace of mind in the forum. I would have advertisement that is neutral as well as planned trips for the different rooms within the forum...Not perfect but a start and I really think all of this would improve forums...Kind of a run down on how it could be and even this might not have success but I do think about it at times...It's fun to think about creating new ideas and ways... Thanks for the post...
lol, now you are really showing your computer illiteracy.

Privacy? You are aware that this is the internet and that doesn't really exist, right? Even if it is private, like the diary section, that doesn't mean it can't or won't leak out. Quite simply, if you don't want people to see it, don't post it on open forum. Hell, depending on the topic, you should also be careful about posting it in private messages or in other places that you seem to think are oh so private.

Just give it up about the designs. Shit is the way shit is. There's nothing wrong with this design. You get used to it if you aren't when you join the forum and there's not a whole lot you can do. MyBB has a simple design and trust me, sometimes simple is better.

Deleting things after a certain amount of time is not helpful or wanted by most people. Some topics, sure, but it's helpful and good to go back to older threads/posts. SkaFish just bumped a thread from 2011 today. With your idea, that thread would have been gone

Different rooms? Not even sure what you mean by that. There are different "rooms" on the forum. Games, General, New people, etc. As for contests, you could do that now, just post a thread and see if you get any takers.

We actually tried robots to ban spammers once. It ended up banning everyone...well, not everyone, but several people (including me) were banned an excessive amount and it gave the mods more work having to unban us all the time. Bots aren't everything and certainly aren't perfect.

For one being so up on tech, you should know that no one is going to print that shit out. Nor should they, because it defeats the point of a forum and being able to post on something that is valuable to certain members, like I exampled earlier of Ska bumping an older thread up. It happens all the time actually. Every year, several posts get necroposted because they are helpful and valuable.

Seriously, charge people to be members. You are aware that you will have no members if that's the case, right? And if you want to donate to charity, just go do it, there's no reason it has to be part of a forum.
Planned trips can and have been done in the networking section. That's what it's for.
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Well that sure was fun to think about while it lasted. lol lol...Thanks
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[Image: Jameslooksupagain.png]Is there something you wanted?
Where in the world do you get these cute pictures? I think that means wishful thinking on my part and I guess I have always been a dreamer. I think that means you have something in one hand and and something else in another---can't remember how that  Thanks for the negativity forum friend.. priscella.

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