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Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Just thought I'd let everyone know, in the case they are interested, that is broadcasting Mystery Science Theater 3000 24/7.  Perhaps there are other gems, too.

I can't fucking believe it, lol.  Fucking awesome.  For a little background, right around the time I was coming of age, I began to get into, 'music,' and, 'culture.'  Being raised catholic and in a very, 'protective,' environment, I was, 'sheltered,' from quite a bit.  However, eventually one comes into their own.  However, by the time I discovered things like MTV, and Mystery Science Theater 3000; they were on their way out the door.  It's a shame, to, relate, and identify with cultural relics of the past.  You can still enjoy oldies, classic rock, old TV series, etc.  However, you can't go back and, 'live,' them as they were.

Anyway, MTV within a year or so of it's discovery by me, soon devolved into reality t.v. and less of a, 'music,' thing.  Mystery Science Theater was one of those things that, too, I never really got to enjoy the way it should have been.  I always imagine a group of friends, at least 2 or 3, maybe 4 or 5, just sitting around, watching some MST3K.  Perhaps there would be a little beer or what not, or just some snacks, and giggles.  For me, even just watching it alone, was magical, heh.  When you watched things back then, they were, 'broadcasted,' and not, 'streamed,' and/or, 'previously recorded.'  So there was always this sub-conscious (even if not thought about or examined) feeling that, somewhere, at least someone, and probably many, many other people, were watching with you.  Just as you sit and watch a movie or show with another person, when there is a broadcast, of any kind, and others are tuning in as well, there is always this different, 'feel,' to the whole experience.  Maybe you've felt it?  Anyway...

So there it is, if you are interested in checking it out.  A vast majority of my young adult life was spent watching cable, and to a lesser extent, now and then, listening to radio.  Of course I was on the Internet as well, which has also changed; but, there are many fond memories of late night watching.  There was nothing like tuning into a late night broadcast.  Whatever it was, it was always something a bit, 'off the beaten path,' yet, never did I feel, 'alone,' or, 'lonely,' during those times.

So, if you dig, check it out, heh.
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That was neat and I enjoyed that and it is sad I don't know how to get to part 2   Thanks for sharing----that airplane and the sounds were great..thanks..

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