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Okay, yeah, that's a pretty general title, but let's dive into this.  And can we attempt to show the mods that we can have a civil discussion about this?  lol

We all know it exists, but what is your take on it?  
Is BLM (Black Lives Matter movement) helping or hurting the cause?
Can "white" people experience racism and discrimination?
Do you believe "reverse racism" is a thing?
*Insert any other questions here* (I know there are more, but I think those  are the biggest issues in America right now)

Now, I'd like to touch on something else.  "White" people are considered the majority in America, but let's look at this a little further.  "White" is classified as "A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa."  Now, forgive me if I'm wrong here, but are people from the Middle East and North Africa actually "white"?  To take it a little more extreme, some people consider "Jews" to be a race, as well as a religion.   The people that choose "other" as their race are not listed on the Census website.  And why is "Native Hawaiian an option, but everyone else is lumped in with "white"? 

I also found this article to be interesting.
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You must be a racist since you mentioned racism!!!! Isn't that the going trend?

I've heard a few "black" guests on various talk shows mention that "white" people are racists even if they don't know it because they aren't black. They can't possibly see things as a black person. So, there you go. If you are white, or maybe non-black, you are a racist.

Okay, so, I'm very fair complected with blond hair and blue eyes. I have plenty of Cherokee Indian and some African American along with other Anglo mixes. So, what the hell am I? I've gone with white because that's how I look. Nobody ever questions it either. My parents and all my siblings are light brown skinned with dark eyes except me. Although, my dad has blue eyes. My mom looks 80% Indian. However, she has no Indian in her. It's all on my dad's side. And, yes they are my biological family. 

Black lives do matter. All lives matter. Well not killers, rapists, and other people that do evil stuff. Yet we keep them around as a drain on society. They should be terminated. But, that's another topic. The black lives matters organization is not good though. Even the title is racist.

BTW, which Black Lives Matter organization is the correct one: 

The more we differential ourselves from each other the more racist we become. The city of Phoenix, without much thought, is considering painting a black lives mural on a government building. I have a huge problem with that for several reasons. First off, political stuff shouldn't be on government property. Second, it's an empty message. Put the effort into the low income neighborhoods. Third, we don't need to be pissing away more money.

About 25 years ago I wanted to get a job at the city of Phoenix as a programmer. I had my certification, I tested well, and I got extra points for being a veteran. I confirmed I was at the top of the hiring list. But, I wasn't getting any job interviews even though there were many open positions. I contacted HR and they said to expect to get contacted shortly. But, it wasn't happening even after double checking my contact information. 

Then I discovered that a friend had a friend working at the City as a manager and they need a programmer. It was my ticket in. I was so happy. I called and we talked. I was a perfect fit. Then he said, "you're Hispanic right?" I said no. He laughed and said so and so is hard core Hispanic you're joking right? How exactly do you know him? I said no I'm not Hispanic. He said sorry, I can't hire you. As long as someone Hispanic applies I have to hire them before you and there's a long list of them available. 

I said I was a veteran and lived my entire life in Phoenix. He said it doesn't matter. I was at the top of the hiring list for two straight years without a single interview. I finally gave up. I call that racism. Others call it Affirmative Action. It's perfectly acceptable to do too. Many, if not most, governments are still doing that. Although, now other groups of people are included in that especially women. It's definitely not the way to get the best candidate. But, government doesn't need to be the best. It just needs to exist and grow like cancer and that's exactly what it is doing.

So, do I sue for discrimination? There are only two groups of people not protected by discrimination laws. That is young people and white males being the majority class. If you are a young white male just move on to something else. That's what I did. I ended up giving up programming as a career and went into a different field. So, back to the beginning. Am I white or not? What percentage of what do I need to be? Does it matter that I look 100% white. Maybe we should just start coloring our skin to fit the organization we want to be a part of.

What about Rachel Dolezal?

She looked the part. But, that wasn't good enough. So what is good enough?

How much black does one need to have to be considered black, or Indian, or whatever? What if someone is 90% African American and very light skinned? Apparently we as a society define race by the color of our skin until we don't. That's definitely inaccurate. 

Who gets to decide what race someone is? Maybe if someone wants to be black they should be allowed to be. Maybe they are black. They were just born in the wrong skin much like people born with the wrong sex. Men who want to be woman are allowed to be women and vice versa. So, anybody should be allowed to be any race they want to be right? If not then we are being discriminatory.

I was really irritated by the recent census form. Under race I wrote in American because that's all that should matter in the United States. But, that really doesn't matter either because our borders have been open for awhile. Now, there are millions of non-Americans in the United States and they are voting as Americans. It's all a big damn mess and the politicians and other groups are using all of this to their advantage as people are fighting amongst themselves for stupid reasons.
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We all know it exists, but what is your take on it?  

- My take, racism is global, not localized to the US.  I feel like some on the left think racism is just some white American phenomenon.  Which is ludicrous.  I've experienced racism from many races.  Hispanic, Black, White, Other Asians.  It's a problem of ignorance and not understanding all the nuances to each situation.  Each country is different.  And within each Country however the areas are broken down like states, counties in the US or provinces in others.  Each country has it's unique reasons for racism.  US is more complex I feel because it's a much greater mix of people.  
It'll never be completely solved though.  Despite the wish and desire for Utopian society of all getting along, that's so far off from reality that this will be a problem till the end of time.  Because people aren't equal.  We can try to treat each other equally, but inherently we're not equal.  There will always be someone that does better or worse in life.  And extrapolating from that can inform, influence your views.  You can lump a group of people together to form a view on race because of perceptions within that group they seem to do x behavior or have x attitude to conflicts with the majority.
So complex can't fully explain in a tiny paragraph of an opinion. 

Is BLM (Black Lives Matter movement) helping or hurting the cause?

-This movement has been hijacked.  Its' no longer legit in my view.  And has pretty much already been damaged and damaged the cause.  That's why you don't see any major corporation completely backing it, but instead uses their own version of supporting the notion.  My employer walked back support after initially saying so.  

Can "white" people experience racism and discrimination?

- Ofc, I have white friends. They experience it.  I've seen it myself.  Being American Born Chinese I see all this shit.  Blacks, Asians, Hispanics hating on "whitey".  ANd of course vice versa.  THe basic take away from my perspective is that this tit for tat just breeds more racism of each other.  But this is just a small part of an even bigger war on American culture.  The problem of Woke SJW culture as it pertains to other minorities and immigrants is the conflation of diversity at the subjugation of American culture.  And it's history.  It's not progressive to undermine and destroy one culture to prop up multiple cultures that really don't belong in America.  America was built on many fundamentals in our constitution that promote freedom and pursuit of happiness.  People come here for that.  This woke sjw virtue signaling diversity mantra does nothing to teach multiculturalism if you at the same time subvert and subjugate the culture that makes this country to begin with.  And that breeds racism of the ignorant.  

Do you believe "reverse racism" is a thing?

No, not truly.  It's just plain racism.  Everyones capable.  This idea of reverse racism is juvenile.  Racism is Racism no matter who's doing it.
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Lol, I actually have been told that before.  Also, if you aren't actively helping the problem, you are part of the problem.  
I personally think a lot of the problem is the fact that no one will just let it go.  I get that racism is an issue, I won't say it's not, but maybe a handful of people alive today (if that) have actually owned slaves.  Human trafficking is more of a problem today.  Not to mention that the Irish used to be slaves long before black people were.  Not to mention that genocide that we call the Holocaust. Not to mention the massacre of the Native Americans.  I'm not saying that black people haven't struggled, but I don't think they corner the market on struggles. It's almost like some of them are making it into a competition.  

See, now I have to wonder about something else with our census.  How many people who are more than one race pick white?  Should they be picking white?  Doesn't that just bump up the numbers when they aren't only white?  Also, what if other races pick white simply so it looks like there are more of us then there really are?  My point would be, I don't think the census is an accurate way of finding out the demographics of America.  I think it's flawed and completely pointless when I know people don't have the options they feel they should have and some don't bother to fill it out at all.  

BLM, in my opinion is akin to the MeToo movement.  It was good in theory and they had good intentions, but neither movement actually worked.  People used it as a means of revenge, both were too flawed to be put into practice.  From the stuff I've watched, where I know more than what they are saying, it was pretty clear to me that they are not peaceful.  They are out to cause trouble.  I'm not saying every BLM group is bad, some of them are legit and truly want to help.  But, the ones I watched, they claim to be peaceful, they claim to do nothing wrong, but yet I know for a fact that they did do wrong.  They spin the tales to make it look like something worse happened and then later come back and say something to make it seem like they are telling the truth, but it's misconstrued.  On top of that, they claim that they can't control if their "Followers" tell people to burn this down or beat that guy up or go after someone, but yet by not going out of their way to say "HEY DON'T DO THAT, ASSHOLES" they are more or less encouraging it.

My ex was actually laid off from a job once. (okay more than once, but only one time shows my point. lol)  The boss, who he knew outside of work, came up to him and told him that he didn't want to let him go, that he was more qualified than everyone else, but he HAD to keep the black guy, the mexican guy and the woman to meet the diversity standards.  How is that any better?  It's okay to do that because my ex is white, even though he's the most qualified to do the job? 

Reverse racism is definitely bullshit, IMO.  If you are judging someone or discriminating based on race, that is racism.  End of story. I don't care what color you are.

And to Panda.  I didn't in any way mean to say that racism is only an America issue.  I know it's not.  But because I don't know much about what it's like in other countries, I could only speak about my own.  I also agree that it will never be completely solved.  We are too different.  Not as races, but as humans.  Utopia would be boring, anyway.
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Yeah, prejudice and preferential treatment will probably always exist. It exists in nature. If in the future we all get so mixed that everybody becomes the same color or even looks the same then we will just pick out some other way to separate ourselves. 

The people with implanted smart devices will look down on the people without them. Then the people that can afford to get to brain linked devices will rule the roost and figure out a way to turn everybody into slaves by making everything so expensive that people will have to work just to survive. The common people won't even be able to afford medical care. Then the common people will fight against each over stupid shit which will hide the evil that the politicians are doing. Oh wait, that's already happening. Never mind. We're there now.

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lol is that SD card attached to electric razor attached to misc bits?
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^ Ha! ha! Yeah, that looks like a three year old's mock up of a high tech device. But, I couldn't help myself. I saw a cute girl and didn't focus on the rest of the image. I just thought, perfect, and added it to the message. Ha! ha!
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