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Iaveh and the Star
[Image: sirius-b.jpg]
A long time ago there was only darkness, full of evil spirits, wicked things, and nightmares. It was a place full of pain, chaos, confusion, and agony. Everyone in this hellhole fought for a way out to reach the only Star in the sky. They thought "if I just reach that star, I would become a God and be free from all this pain and suffering." And so when the right time would come, they would all race towards the Star, but since they were all pushing and fighting so hard to get there they would all fail miserably. However, in this hellhole, there was a demon, a small being we shall call Iaveh, who also wanted to reach that Star. After so many failed attempts to get to the Star, Iaveh thought of a way to get there. He would take all the pressure from the other demons in the hellhole trying to get to the Star, that it would would generate enough force to propell him into the Star. So, when the right time came Iaveh raced for the star. At first he was fast, then the other demons started pulling him down and inflicting so much pain on him but he did not fight back. Rather, he absorbed the pain and took so much pressure and converted it to energy that he propelled himself farther than any other being had ever gone before.

In the end Iaveh reached the Star. There was a Goddess in this star named Gaia and she asked him for a wish. Iaveh, being so tired from his journey remembered all the demons in the hellhole punishing him and bringing him down. Instead of being angry at those who tried to bring him down he realized he couldn't have made it without them. So he wished to free all of his brothers from the hellhole. And so Gaia granted Iaveh his wish and all the the demons were set free from their miserable hellhole. In time Iaveh and Gaia became husband and wife and had many sons and daughters that intermarried with the demons. That is the story of how the spirit realm became populated. In time other stars were born and some demons were sent back to hellholes for being disruptive again where they try to break free and reach a star to make a wish.

The end.

its beauty is magnificent.
It breaks my heart to know that I will die
before I have experienced
everything there is to experience."

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