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Chistmas Card Exchange 2020
Hey fantastic ALL peeps!

Come one, come all to the most fabulous card exchange on the internet! Whether you enjoy handwritten cards, or e cards, this is the place for you!

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Comment below if you would like one of the following options (please specify handwritten or e cards or both) :
                                                      -exchange with multiples
                                                      -send to multiples (You are under absolutely no obligation to give out your personal address if you do not wish)
                                                      -receive from multiples

You can also just PM individuals if that's what you would like to do.

You are under absolutely no obligation to give out your personal address if you do not wish.

As people comment, feel free to PM anyone who you wish to exchange with. DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THIS THREAD.

I will keep track of all who comment, and make a list to add to this post later on.

Thank you in advance!

I know that it's kind of early. However, personally, I feel a sense of urgency with this whole 2020 year thing. Especially with postal delays.

And I apologize if I have stepped on any toes by posting this. Eve, Sofiasmami, and Pathfinder, along with everyone who has participated, brought out the absolute beauty of the season in past years. I hope this can help to brighten many people's year.

I will exchange with multiples, handwritten and e card.

I want to receive one from Heather Locklear, the Melrose Place version.

[Image: ?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftribzap2it.files.wordpre...f=1&nofb=1]
[Image: ?]
Me too haha

I'd quite like to get involved in this somehow.
'Tis the season already! I've done the Christmas card exchange at ALL for the past few years, so might as well do it this year too. It's nice to get something other than bills and flyers. Smile

I'm happy to exchange with anyone—e-cards or actual cards—both are fine with me. Feel free to PM me to exchanges addresses and/or email.
Hope I’m not too late. I would like to participate! I’m open to exchanges or sending a card to anyone who’d like one. Please pm me if you’d like to exchange or receive a card. Smile
Yay, that time of the year again. I'm in for send and receive, as usual, only this year, cause of corona, i'd stick to e-cards. <3
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. (Albert Einstein)
I'm still sending me cards off this year Smile.There's nothing like coming home to a card from another country(lovely) on your mat when you come home from work  Wink

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