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How to cope with loneliness?
I relate to your post. I feel like I lost the ability to focus on the good, in part because I feel like that is always the answer I get when I express my sadness and loneliness. How to deal with these feelings during this pandemic is that much harder. I can't even join anyone for Thanksgiving and it has me really down.
(11-13-2020, 06:45 AM)jasonking Wrote: ... I experience loneliness. I am unsure how to address this. Does anyone have any ideas?
Here is some things I do to recover from bouts of loneliness:
- visit a bookstore to get inspired.   I can easily spend a couple hours there finding new interest.
- get out doors!  So important to lift my mood.   Look up Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing)
- recently downloaded app:  All Trails.   Fantastic app to find local trails.   Works great on trail to see where you are and map your movement.   Discover new places!
- create something.   Decide on a project and do it.

I can relate about how others can go on and on about parents and or siblings....   for myself, it takes energy to control that jealousy that brews inside me....     and I hate wasting energy like that.     I am all about diversion 😁

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