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Lonely guy in New Zealand
Hey everyone. I guess lately I've been feeling like the loneliness and desperation I feel for physical and emotional intimacy is consuming me. I feel so starved of human connection that it sometimes feels like the darkness is gonna consume me. So I guess I'm just looking for healthy outlets for building meaningful connections with people.

Hi eclecticmuso and welcome! Yeah I can relate too, sometimes darkness feels overwhelming, I just try to deal with it the best way I can but still trying to figure that part out, hope you have a good day today! Smile Here if you need to talk, take care
Welcome! Yes, these are not great times for people who already feel lonely. I used to cure it by going to large, public places, but that no longer sounds like a great idea. These are unprecedented times for this, and nearly all, current generations, so hang in there and find somethings to distract you from that vortex-like feeling. Posting here can help!

Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll find it helpful. You're not alone with those feelings

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