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You are Amazing!
(03-19-2021, 12:51 AM)VidaLivesNow Wrote: Hey everyone! 

It's been a while since I posted but I'm happy to be back. 

I hope everyone reading this knows that you were put on tis earth for a reason and that you are wonderful and deserving of love. 

Here is an article that I found on 30 ways to practice self-love and be good to yourself. 

Number 14 really resonated with me. "Be patient but persistent." Self-love isn't always easy and takes practice. But it's a necessary journey. 

Sending positive vibes your way

I agree with some. I don't agree with others. I wouldn't call these life hacks. They are simply some motivational posts. Not everyone can digest them. It purely depends on the state of the individual's mind. While I appreciate your effort on posting this, others may not have the same opinion. We are all allowed our own perspectives. However, thank you so much for taking your time and effort in sharing these. The thought itself to send out some positivity to others, that counts and that probably matters more than the content.
I appreciate your gesture, be it sadness, resentment, anger, or happiness. Thank you.
(03-23-2021, 03:49 AM)TheRealCallie Wrote:
(03-23-2021, 03:47 AM)Forgottendanfan Wrote:
(03-23-2021, 03:37 AM)Rodent Wrote:
(03-23-2021, 03:33 AM)TheRealCallie Wrote:
(03-23-2021, 03:28 AM)Forgottendanfan Wrote: The kind of religious spiel "Sir Joseph" came out with is likely to cause a debate. That's all I'm saying.

Hasn't yet....well, not until you.

In fact, we're having a bigger debate about how it will cause a debate than about the actual content of the post. Which is likely just gonna get skipped over because people walk past it as they would with a street preacher.

Because I made a point and everyone jumped on me for it.

You gave an opinion...a rude one at that.

I'm no ruder than you.
Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend....any minor world that breaks apart, falls together again.
Sanal is  amazing.
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
[Image: 190023__17637.1549904052.jpg?c=2]
life :/
(03-23-2021, 05:01 AM)Syber Tiger Wrote:

Do you mean you can't see the article?
I appreciate your gesture, be it sadness, resentment, anger, or happiness. Thank you.
(03-23-2021, 05:01 AM)Syber Tiger Wrote: Do you mean you can't see the article?

Nah, he didn't pick the right platform when embedding the video.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Oh lol
I appreciate your gesture, be it sadness, resentment, anger, or happiness. Thank you.
I'll make one follow up post here to address the multitude of comments, then move on since it's not my desire to argue with anyone.

Apparently, Forgottendanfan appreciates his right to express himself and feels permitted to counter Vidalivesnow's view by saying "I hate articles like this. Absolute waste of time. Mumbo Jumbo" as long as it reflects no political or religious basis.  And while others here allow him to express his own perspective, he's the first to criticize me for doing the same thing - in a much more kind and respectful manner I might note.  Hypocritical or not, such intolerance is unreasonable for a forum, where different views, values, and perspectives are inevitable.  In fact, that's what makes a forum interesting, and sometimes such diverse views influence or help participants along the way.

I thank the other members here who recognize the desirability for free speech.  And while that does entail avoiding debates or being antagonistic, racist, or hateful, it certainly does not exclude any political or religious perspective on things.

Since the 1947 Everson vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision, the country has been replacing our Christian heritage with a mandate for separation of church and state, thus taking God out of the public arena.  This has emboldened Atheists and others to believe that they should have freedom from religion, rather than freedom of religion.  In other words, some people don't want to see or hear anything that might remind them of God, or especially the Christian faith.  I'm not sorry to say that such people need to recognize reality along with America's history, traditional values, and Constitutional rights.  As long as a majority of Americans hold Christian beliefs, their speech, writings, and views will often reflect those beliefs.
Fortunately, we live in a country where one's values and beliefs can generally be expressed, leaving others to accept, ignore, or reject them.  In this thread's case, I supported Vidalivesnow's claims but politely refuted her conclusions.  I wouldn't expect a committed Atheist or someone with an empty heart to agree, but to those open to influence, I feel compelled to share the most important truth in life: that we're here to love God and to love others, not ourselves.

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