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According to the meaning of Life in one word is to Love.
I don't think the answer is metaphorical, I think the answer is literal. The "meaning of life" ---as in, your vitality, the thing that makes you be alive, is to love. And in this essence this is true because without love and caring, the body will suffer if you do not take care of it and you will die. We understand it metaphorically because that is how it is historically given to us through ancient epics. However, I don't think they actually mean what modern society likely most interprets it as, which is to find a mate for reproduction in order to keep the human species alive. Yes, that's a part of it, but I mean, you kind of can't do that if you don't first clear all of the hurtles which befell human history that caused premature deaths: Famine, war, plagues, diseases and viruses, and weather conditions and so on. Which, I think kind of makes the answer a bit of a he said/she said issue game of telephone from ancient human history to modern human times. It means love and take care of yourself first and foremost.
^ Now I'm confused. Ha! Ha!
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(07-14-2021, 10:42 AM)Finished Wrote: ^ Now I'm confused. Ha! Ha!

I was thinking in part of the evolution of medicine from the prehistoric to modern technological advancement of medical instrumentation. Historically speaking, in ancient times people often died early or young deaths due to infectious diseases and/or general deep wounds that they did not have modern medical advancements such as pilled or topical antibiotics to save them outside of what was perhaps known to help from tribal medicine men or a village shaman, who likewise would administer whatever knowledge they had about how to fight such bodily illnesses. The Namburbi is a good example of this: A late Babylonian atropic ritual text which attributes various common illnesses, to demons. These days, we know that demons don't kill our crops with droughts or cause malaria.
(07-14-2021, 10:38 AM)NoxApex(N/A) Wrote: It means love and take care of yourself first and foremost.
I agree.

I also agree with the title of the topic. Love is what makes us feel fulfilled and happy. There are different ways to feel happy, but most of it vanishes over time. True love is the only thing that will always remain in the end.
To me, love is something around myself. To be true to my own nature, the inner peace, acceptance. To know and understand who we really are will lead to more fulfilling things we find in this world, we can form true connections to others who feel similar. The more I love myself, the less pain I cause to others. Basically. It only leads to good things and it is neutral at "worst".

I was actually going to make a new topic later today and love will be an important topic too. :3

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