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"Click here if you don't want wait any longer"????
Why does this little message come up after you've posted a thread? If it can be done quickly, why isn't it done this quickly by default?

Apologies if this is a stupid question. I'm not extremely tech savvy.

EDIT: It's not when you post a thread, but after performing certain actions on this website.

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I've always thought it was another way for them to bait me into the spam filter. Lol
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I'm so good at ignoring extra crap, especially advertisements, on the screen I've never paid any attention to that.

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Gives the server time to process the request and doesn't leave you hanging on an empty page? I know it happens when you search the forum, among other things. But I always figured it has to do with server load or bandwidth. The forum is older too and god only knows what minimum available speed might have been considered.
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