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Severe Hearing Loss
It sure as hell makes sociall activity difficult or impossible. Sad

Good thing we can read. Sometimes I wished I couldn't hear all the annoying noises around me. Do you NOT hear things or do you also have buzzing or other sounds going off in your ears?
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Are hearing aids or anything else an option or you?

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(05-03-2021, 07:50 PM)TheRealCallie Wrote: Are hearing aids or anything else an option or you?
I have a Cochlear Implant in the left ear and a standard hearing aid in the right. I have 15 % hearing over all and that's the best it will ever be. I cannot hear music at all and sure miss it.
Jaylon, I sympathise for your condition.

My best friend now is in a similar hearing status, since a lifetime of diabetes has not only taken his limbs and organs, but pretty well most of his hearing too.  When I met him at college 43 years ago, I helped carry his $10k stereo into the dorm room and he introduced me to real audiophile quality music.  I'd always enjoyed music, but he gave me a new appreciation for it that I maintain to this day.  Now, I'd like to share some of my favorite songs and quality recordings with him, but he simply can't appreciate it anymore.  I know the loss hurts him, and I can understand it being tough for you too.

Growing older and losing physical capabilities that I used to have is very disheartening for me.  We adapt and endure of course, but as a Christian, I take comfort mostly in knowing that I have a new body and new life to look forward to after this time on earth.  In testimonies I've watched, people returning from heavenly near death experiences report not only indescribable beauty, but also comparable music - as in hearing a 100 wonderful songs at once that somehow fit together in harmony.  I hope you've made assurances for being there to enjoy that.
Must be difficult. I love music more than pretty much anything else, so for me, losing my hearing would be unthinkable. My heart goes out to you.
Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend....any minor world that breaks apart, falls together again.

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