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Looking back...
looking back into the past, wondering how I ever made it
my life was a crazy ride, thank God that you even saved it
remembering how I got here, its good to reminisce.....

all those times I thought I was all alone, inside a broken home
when no one understands you, then you are on you're own
I just needed a friend, to be with me till the end
but no one showed up... I had to be... my own best friend

as I moved into a new high school, I wanted a lot of friends, to be cool
but that's not easy when the world is stressing you out and your grades make you look like a fool
questions bothered me, like why are children suffering
when the rich get paid and do absolutely nothing
and if God existed, if he really cared, then why are we living in a nightmare

that's when I had my first mental breakdown, went to the mental hospital
mom and dad were worried about me they thought that I lost it all
but it just broke me down even more

you know what it's like when your spirit is broken?
you start to feel sorry for yourself, then hate yourself
and you give up on the hoping?
to the point where I tried to kill myself
and I never did anything to deserve this

slowly the years passed by, and slowly I grew
it was then I knew that I had to stop self hatred
remember its always an honor to be you
your life is sacred

How can you be enlightened...

... if you've never been in the dark.

Smile Sad
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard inner battle.
Namu Amida Butsu.


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