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Anxiety on a daily basis regarding one thing
I got into cars when I was 16 loved them I got my first real car spending all my money (regret) all of my buddies told me not to get the car I would hurt myself I insisted how bad I wanted the car and how I was gonna drive normal when I got it I got the car and loved it couldn't even drive it home cause it was to fast for me I got home got in the drivers seat and loved it right away week goes by boom transmisson blows the car i just bought for 10k needed another 4k I was distraught but still ready to get the car back and drive it I get the car back and boom something changed I can only be with my friend who was there with me when this accident happened I literally cannot find it in me to drive it alone and I actually dont know why I want to drive it I want to experience the fun I missed but now I just get these problems around the same summer time last year I had a issue where I would get such bad social anxiety I couldnt even hangout with my friends I remember one time I went to go to a car event with my buddies drove 15 min to his house went to get in his car and boom the stomach hurts like crazy and I have this crazy anixous feeling almost if not same feeling i get a year later trying to drive my car I know no one is gonna be able to change anything but me but like I just need some advice its the same anixety and it just holds me back I wanna go out and drive my car everyday and I keep procrastinating and my friends always give me shit "why wont u drive ur car" and i just say I dont know they dont realize how hard something so simple is for me and its really crazy how this just happens any advice tips to help this stop or anything would help thank u sorry for lack of puncuation

Welcome to the forum! It could be that you have some PTSD going on. I suggest that you read up about that and try some of the suggested stuff.
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