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I got my first dose of covid vaccine today !!!
(Yesterday, 09:36 AM)Yukongirl Wrote: ^ good to know there is hope, I will patiently wait for the chip to be activated.

The following should get things activated for you. Ha! ha!

[Image: ?]
[Image: ?]
Welcome to the Socialistic States of America (SSA)
I got two Astrazenacas just sore arm after the first. But still wearing my mask in all shops even though its not mandatory now. This freaks me out majority not wearing masks in shops now makes you feel the odd one out and the virus could be in the air.I remember survey saying a good majority infection caught after visiting supermarkets. In some shops no one has a mask except cashiers.
About 80%Brits vaccinated.
The Covid 19 is still alive and well out there. The vaccine is no guaranty you won't get it and spread it to others. IMO, it's best to continue to avoid crowded situations whenever you can. The super spreader events will continue to be super spreader events.
[Image: ?]
Welcome to the Socialistic States of America (SSA)

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