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Some Questions for everyone who's used (or is currently using) online dating Services
(09-22-2014, 05:28 AM)stork_error Wrote: And men with THE TOPLESS SELFIES IN THE BATHROOM MIRROR that say " LOOK AT MY ABS, I AM SO HOT"….ewww!!!…. thinks….Ok fine you got nice abs, but seriously is that the best place you could find to take a picture?

No thankyou he man !!! Next

LOL...I can't tell you how many messages I got from guys who only posted bathroom topless/headless selfies...and the best one was, first message from anonymous Ab-man "will you marry me?" I never got proposed to by a six-pack before...but eventually I met my bf and so I consider it was a success for me. I didn't pay I used OKC.
After a few bad dates resulting from online dating, I just delete my picture and profile information and browse when I'm bored.. That is in a dire state of boredom.

The better dates I had, I met and asked them in real life. It just doesn't happen as often as I like... -shrug-

I do get a chuckle out of those who have their little laundry list or a sort of disclaimer proclamation they write in their description.. Not exactly charming..
I haven't signed up for any of them yet, but I was considering it. For me, it's mostly indeed out of the fear that I'm not going to meet someone on my own. Also, because it cuts to the chase and throws out the ambiguity - when you're on a dating site, everyone there is also looking for dates as well. You can see someone's interests already too, so you can kind of get a sense of what to talk about and a sense of their overall character.

Sometimes I think I should just put looking for "the one" or trying to get the girls I think have been "the one", and just start going on dates just to get some experience. Maybe if these girls see that I'm dating other girls, it will send the message that I am indeed a hot item and worth another look!
(09-22-2014, 01:39 PM)TheSkaFish Wrote: Sometimes I think I should just put looking for "the one" or trying to get the girls I think have been "the one", and just start going on dates just to get some experience. Maybe if these girls see that I'm dating other girls, it will send the message that I am indeed a hot item and worth another look!

I think our biggest fear is rejection. That we'll upload the nicest pics of ourselves (with fake smiles and sucked in tummy) A well written witty profile and still our Inbox will be empty! I have no solution to that apart from "give it a go"!
I have been on dating sites twice, the first time because I was either at work or at home, so I was not going to meet anyone like that, so online seemed like a good idea, plus I wanted if possible to meet someone from a different country, as I don´t look like your everyday girl back home, just because I have short hair I get called a dike, so was looking for someone with a little more to say than that. First time I used plenty of fish, I actually meet a couple of friends there, one of them (this is for you that call women shallow) told me I was ok as a friend, and I was pretty and everything but I didn´t have the social status he wanted in a gf, nor did I make as much money as he did and I could not take as much time off as he did, so he wouldn´t consider me as a gf. We remained friends anyway, I used to go to his place once a week to play board games. Now this guy is over 40, he has a lazy eye, wears very thick glasses, and has bad acne. He still thinks he is all that. And for those of you who say we don´t give ackward a chance, he has aspergers, so he is ackward.

I met a guy from germany the day I was leaving POF, we hit it off and had a long distance relationship for a while.

the second time I didnt want to do the online dating but people at my office said you have to, grabbed my phone and created profiles in a number of dating sites, like okcupid, tinder, and a couple more, you say it is easier for women? I never got any messages, so after a few months I closed all the accounts.
I've used them in the past, but sworn them off. Meeting people has never been a strength of mine because socializing tires me out easily, and I'm slow to open up. The bad experiences outnumber the good on all websites I've been on for meeting people. I'd rather take my time and meet people naturally if I can spare myself the experience again. I don't need the headache.

I have enough horror stories to fill a novel, and my only "success story" in making a friend is reconnecting with an old friend I'd lost touch with. We didn't recognize each other at first.
A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
I made ONE friend that I still have from nearly a full decade of trying to use these.

These sites are all about the quick flip, or the rapid fire "ask everyone until one says yes" approach, which is the antithesis of my approach and wants.

I would actively search for girls I was interested by, read everything by them and construct a detailed message to really get to know them. Unfortunately with this approach, it never led to many local matches, nor ones would would regularly sign on. Most of my time was spent waiting.

The one I did meet was in 2013 and I'm still friends with her to this day, and we did have to discuss why we couldn't work romantically, etc, before we got to that stage, but guess where she's at? Austria.
About as far off as you could get. My one actual connection.

Given the further change into more rapid-fire, Tinder-esque approaches, online dating has gone from mostly a waste of time to a complete waste of time.

It would require extreme luck to actually click with someone there, because the whole system of how men and women are forced to interact with each other is an absolute joke.
Men get bitter because they are mostly ignored, despite being almost required to always initiate, and women get overswamped x10 on a daily basis by every guy, sincere in getting to know them or only looking after sex. They couldn't look at 1% of what they get on a good day, with more always coming in.

I'd seriously like to see factual stats of online dating actually working long term for anyone. It seems like an absolute impossibility to me.
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