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I hope I find a job soon. Have done nothing since November...I dunno maybe this isn't the right place to say these things, but I don't know where else to put my thoughts. How earnestly I wish right now that I could shed all of these limitations and just be another person.
This is exactly the place to post these things. You are a person. Everyone has private thoughts and hang-ups. If you can't always articulate your thoughts on the phone, or in person, here is a good place.
Thanks for the vote of support Niktimos.
Majorly peeved today and can't get more than a few words out at a time without going into long periods of stasis. A cold knot in my stomach is compelling me to discharge my pent up frustration, but intellect and pride adamantly forbid such an indulgence.
I love you, you love me, we're a happy family....
I won't have contact with another person my age for 8 days - next week is holiday, so no school.
I'm in danger of turning this thread into my own personal angst diary and must curtail the rot, right here and right now.

To that end, I am going to pose a light hearted question to noone in particular. When I was a small child and oblivious to many of the basic truths of the world and it's workings, I remember trying to teach my dog a few basic words of English. Has anyone else here ever attempted such a preposterous undertaking, or did I raise the bar a notch too high?
That seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to attempt
Pizza with chillie and sweetcorn toppings Big Grin
[Image: 106799.jpg]
No school for two whole weeks now.
I cannot eat peas. I have never been able to eat peas. They are too squishy and the way the pop in my mouth grates at my very soul.

I cannot eat peas.

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